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Boulder is a construction-bot Autobot and a member of the Rescue Force Sigma-17. He loves Earth's culture and architecture.

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Powers and Abilities Edit

Boulder has three forms robot, bulldozer, and dinosaur. In robot mode, he can act as a robot suit for passenger and can send out sonar pulses from his palms. In bulldozer mode, his shovel can plow through many material and when slammed down can send out sonar pulses to scan the area. His dinosaur mode is a triceratops with drill like horns. In this form, he is far more maneuverable and he can slam his front legs down to send shockwaves through the ground.

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  • Boulder's design is very similar to Scavenger from Transformers: Armada, and Boulder generally bears resemblance to the Constructicons.
  • Boulder has a pet plant named Leafy. This was a far safer pet for the Bot to practice with than his first choice; a lion from a zoo! To be fair, the Burns family had loosely compared the zoo to an animal shelter, so it wasn't really his fault when things went wrong...
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