Originating from Cybertron's middle castes, the Constructicons joined the Decepticons and became the basis for Shockwave's greatest Combiner, Devastator.

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Transformers: ExodusEdit

The Constructicons emerged before the war with the Autobots and High Councilor Drivetrain was considered their patriarch. They were generally larger than Megatron's gladiators, which was why he chose not to bring them with him when he tried to access Teletraan-1, as the Iacon-Kalis energy line would be unable to fit them. During the civil war, the Constructicons combined into Devastator and ravaged Crystal City and Tagan Heights, and separately attacked Praxus with Bruticus Maximus. Two Devastators pursued Autobot Mini-Con saboteurs through Tagan.

Transformers: PrimeEdit

While Smokescreen and Jack were attempting to find a vehicle mode for the newly-arrived Autobot, Jack suggested a cement mixer be said vehicle mode. Smokescreen showed distaste in the idea, asking if he looked like a Constructicon to Jack.

Transformers: Fall of CybertronEdit

The Constructicons were instructed by Starscream to build giant golden statues of him to himself as the new Decepticon ruler. The Combaticons were more than happy to topple them following the resurrection of Megatron.


  • The presence of enough Constructicons to form more than one Devastator echoes the live-action Constructicons from the Michael Bay film Revenge of the Fallen.
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