The Electro Bolter is a Cybertronian weapon capable of firing harpoon-like projectiles. These pierce through enemies with tremendous force, and can pin victims to any wall they happen to be standing in front of.


Transformers: Fall of CybertronEdit

The Electro Bolter is unlocked alongside the glass gas cannon for use in Fall of Cybertron upon completing the game's story campaign for the first time. It cannot be used in multiplayer mode. 


  • This weapon has a magazine size of 5 rounds, and 21 reserve rounds can be carried. It has the following in-game stats:
    • Damage: 9
    • Range: 5
    • Accuracy: 7
    • Rate of fire: 7
  • The Electro Bolter is modeled on Generation One Soundwave's concussion blaster.