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Elita One was a female Cybertronian from the era before the Great War between the Autobots and Decepticons.


The Covenant of Primus

Elita One emerged from the Well of All Sparks sometime during or before the Age of Wrath. She rose to a position of prominence on Cybertron, serving on Sentinel Zeta Prime's council of thirteen in Iacon. As a member of the council, she contributed to the conspiracy that overthrew Quintesson rule, and the colony expansion into the Golden Age that followed. However, she also contributed to society during the Age of Rust that settled in after the Rust Plague ended colonization. The people were disillusioned and listless after the colonization project failed, yet the Prime and his council could offer no new goal or dream to uplift their spirits. Elita One continued to counsel more research and time before acting, even as her fellow councilman Soundwave abandoned the government in disgust.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise

Following the restoration of Cybertron from the Great War, Elita One was one of the many Autobots blacklisted by the new High Council for being a supporter of Optimus Prime. What became of her afterwards is currently unknown.


  • According to Mairghread Scott,[1] during the first draft of the Prime episode "Stronger, Faster" there was a line, during the scene where Ratchet berates Optimus for his perceived inaction against Megatron, which implied Elita had died during the war and he was blaming Optimus for it, leading Prime to punch Ratchet. The line and punch were cut as the story editor didn't want Optimus to lose his cool during the scene.
  • In some incarnations, such as the Generation 1 series, Elita One is the girlfriend of Optimus Prime.


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