RiD2015 - Guilty As Charged - Energon Bazooka

Energon bazookas are powerful hand-held energy weapons, well-suited for taking down even the toughest Cybertronian enemies. However, their sheer power can turn into a liability when using them in confined spaces - so always mind your muzzle, and your backstop, when you're ready to pull that trigger.

Transformers: Robots in DisguiseEdit

Season 3Edit

In Guilty as Charged, while passing out weapons that had been in Windblade's caches in preparation for boarding Blastwave's ship, Sideswipe took a fancy to an energon bazooka. Bumblebee was quick to dissuade him, pointing out that the weapon had enough power to blow holes in the hull of a spaceship. Sideswipe was disappointed but quickly found a suitable sword as a replacement.