TFP Arcee and Bulkhead vs Airachnid and Breakdown

TFP Arcee and Bulkhead vs Airachnid and Breakdown

Bulkhead launching Arcee.

The "Fastball Special" is a term for Cybertronian launching. It involves the larger member of a team picking up and throwing a smaller teammate into action.

History Edit

Transformers: Prime Edit

"Metal Attraction" Edit

When confronting their rivals Breakdown and AirachnidBulkhead and Arcee executed this move, with Bulkhead hurling Arcee in an arc toward the villains, so she could rain firepower down on them as she descended. 

"Plus One" Edit

Wheeljack later used this move, also with Arcee, this time as a distraction against a group of Vehicons.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise Edit

"Worthy' Edit

Grimlock improvised the move with an unsuspecting Sideswipe, instructing him to "make two fists" then flinging him through the air with his tail, straight into Razorhorn with enough force to knock the villain out for the count. The success of the move prompted Grimlock to do it again only a short time later, this time with Bumblebee, who he hurled at the flying Starscream.

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