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Galvatronus is a Decepticon combiner created from several Decepticons.

Galvatronus is composed of:

History Edit

When the corrupt Autobot High Council lost to the Bee Team during an earlier struggle, they merged into Galvatronus. In retaliation, the Autobots formed Ultra Bee and the two combiners clashed. Drift quickly noted that Galvatronus was a great deal stronger than Menasor, despite not being completely unified. During the fight, Cyclonus furiously revealed all of his manipulations, and proceeded to quickly beat Ultra Bee, primarily focused on Bumblebee himself. However, Cyberwarp, the arm holding Galvatronus's weapon, began to hesitate, regretting the Decepticon way, and managed to hold back Galvatronus. This opening allowed Ultra Bee to deliver the final blow, and separated the five.

Gallery Edit

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