The Gravitic Adjuster is an artifact that, when fired at a target, increases (or decreases) the force of gravity upon it. It's handy for immobilizing one's enemies, conducting large-scale rapid demolition.

Transformers: Robots in DisguiseEdit

"The Great Divide"Edit

Having been found by Windblade and stored in one of her caches, the Gravitic Adjuster was stolen by Dragstrip, who saw it as his ticket to the big time in the Stunticons' organization. After demonstrating the device to Motormaster on a hapless Wildbreak, he was instructed to use it to prove that both the Autobots and the humans would have to reckon with the Stunticons. Selecting a Highway Patrol barracks as his target, Dragstrip soon found himself intoxicated with the power the artifact gave him, and made short work of Bumblebee, Drift, and Grimlock when the Bee Team arrived. He attempted to drop what remained of the station on Strongarm and a pair of Sideswipes, but the latter teamed up to knock him out, retrieving the Adjuster.


  • The Gravitic Adjuster's effect is similar in concept to that of the polarity gauntlet, with "gravity" substituted for "magnetism".