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Hook is a Constructicon who considers himself an artist and looks down on his comrades. Although he has a huge ego, Hook is a master craftsman whose skill has been recognized by Megatron. He has the ability to combine with his fellow members to form Devastator.


Transformers: Retribution

During the Quintesson invasion of Cybertron, the Constructicons emerged to defend Decepticon-held Iacon from the Sharkticon hordes. Devastator up-turned the flagship of General Tyrannicon, but was caught in the blast as Tyrannicon detonated his vehicle. The individual Constructicons emerged from the wreckage to continue the battle, working in unison with their construction equipment to dent and drop the Sharkticon general. They soon reformed Devastator and began chasing Tyrannicon again. However, Tyrannicon mined his escape route with explosives and maneuvered Devastator into the center, causing a massive explosion which collapsed a building on top of the combiner, burying him for the rest of the battle.