This is one bad boy ship. Bad enough to take down Laserbeak.

The Jackhammer was Wheeljack's personal spaceship that was used to travel through space and get to Earth.

It's equipped with energon laser cannons and guided missiles for defense and offense in battle.


Wheeljack used it to travel anywhere in the universe as well as Earth. When Bulkhead was hurt, Wheeljack went with Miko to get some revenge on the insecticon who injured Bulkhead. When Wheeljack was about to be killed, Miko used the Jackhammer's missiles and fired them on Hardshell before he could kill Wheeljack. 

The Jackhammer made its last fight against the Decepticon flyers before being shot down by Starscream.

After escaping Darkmount, Wheeljack salvaged everything he could from its wreck. After clashing with Magnus he stated that if his ship was not destroyed he would have been long gone by now. His ship was never seen or mentioned since then.





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