Lio Convoy, sometimes referred to as Leo Prime is an Autobot Leader and Great Convoy.

History Edit

Arms Micron Toy bio Edit

Following the restoration of Cybertron, Lio Convoy ascended to the rank of Great Convoy, and became a member of the ruling body of Cybertron. After a time, Great Lio Convoy sensed the awakening of Unicron in another dimension, and travelled across the multiverse to this world. Finding that the native Autobots and Decepticons had already dealt with the threat of Unicron, Great Lio Convoy—now using the name "Leo Prime"—elected to stay on this world for a time to ensure that Unicron did not reawaken, refraining from involving himself in the combat between the native Transformers. In the new body he wears in this universe, he is armed with an ancient sword that draws power straight from his Energon Matrix, though apparently unbeknownst to him, it, like the weapons of many other Transformers in this universe, is secretly an Arms Micron named L.P.  Using this weapon, Leo Prime carved up the remains of one of Unicron's rock-and-earth avatars to create the Gaia Armor, using the power of his Energon Matrix to sever the avatar's link to Unicron himself, but allowing it to retain the power of Dark Energon.

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