Vital Statistics
Alias Wheeljack (When undercover)
Species Cybertronian (Shifter)
Rank Soldier
Status Offline
Production details
First appearance Con Job
Last appearance Con Job
Voiced by James Horan/Kevin Michael Richardson

  Makeshift was a Decepticon Shifter who once impersonated Wheeljack, who's cover was blown ending up in his destruction.



Posing as the young and eager Autobot known as Hound, Makeshift made his way aboard the Ark as it left Cybertron, travelling to Velocitron with the rest of Optimus Prime's crew. Once the Ark landed, he took a new shape and inspired Ransack and his cronies to overthrow Override's regime and rule Cybertron alone. Not long afterwards, he sabotaged the Ark in an attempt to trap the Autobots on Velocitron, but this failed as the ship was repaired. As tensions boiled over on Velocitron, Makeshift escaped in his Hound persona to the world of Junkion, and took the form of a Junkion trader known as Shearbolt (he may or may not have killed the real Shearbolt) to misdirect Prime's search team. During an interrogation Axer revealed Makeshift's true identity to the Autobots. He once again tried to destroy the Ark. This time, though, Optimus and Jazz managed to outwit him and trapped him in a stasis field. After an interrogation session, he was taken prisoner by the Junkions and trapped in an old spaceship component, unable to escape. When Megatron removed the Requiem Blaster, the component was broken and Makeshift found freedom and an injured Axer. Not only did he refuse to help Axer but he sold him out to the Star Seekers under the guise of Wreck-Gar's friend Detritus. He was escaping the Junkions and his current location is unknown.

Infiltrating the Autobot Base and Death

The Decepticons had discovered that an Autobot, named Wheeljack, was arriving to Earth to visit his fellow Autobots. Soundwave gives Makeshift all he needs to take Wheeljack's identity so he can infiltrate the Autobot base and the Decepticons then kidnapped and keep the real Wheeljack captive. Makeshift was then welcomed into the Autobot Base. Bulkhead, who was Wheeljack's best friend back on Cybertron, noticed something is wrong with him during their party.

When his cover was blown, Makeshift grabs Miko Nakadai and threatens to kill her if they tried anything. Just then, a recently escaped Wheeljack jumps out the open ground bridge and knocks him to the ground. After a fight and a beating from the real Wheeljack, Bulkhead throws Makeshift through the space bridge. When Starscream asks Makeshift whether he had learned the Autobots' base location, Starscream noticed a grenade was deployed on Makeshift's side. Starscream and Soundwave escaped the explosion, but Makeshift exploded from the grenade Wheeljack had planted earlier, wiping out dozens of Vehicons, thus the secret died with him.[1]


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  • Makeshift was the second Decepticon in the series that died in his first appearance in an episode, along with Skyquake who was the first.
  • Makeshift seems much more limited in his power than Pseudo.
    • Pseudo can camouflage himself and turn into bots of any size, whereas all Makeshift can do is turn into a bot of roughly the same size.
  • The writers didn't want to kill Makeshift off so soon, but they admitted to realizing that introducing a character with Makeshift's powers so early into the show's run was an unwanted limitation on future episodes, which made his quick demise a necessity. Well, that, plus, y'know, he found out where the Autobots' base was, and thus had to die by necessity of the plot.
  • Makeshift doesn't seem to have any eyelids.


  1. Con Job

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