Memorial High School is a school in Jasper, Nevada. Amazingly, despite the Autobots living not far from the town, it doesn't sustain damage very often.

Transformers: Prime Edit

"Darkness Rising, Part 1" Edit

Jack Darby and Raf Esquivel were picked up outside the school by Bumblebee and ArceeMiko Nakadai, also a student there, ended up being taken along too when she spotted Jack and Arcee talking. 

"Masters and Students" Edit

The pupils were assigned the task of creating science projects. During the demonstrations of several students' projects, a hole was blown in the roof of the school. 

"Deus ex Machina" Edit

Miko ended up in detention for the umpteenth time.

"Speed Metal" Edit

In an effort to impress head cheerleader Sierra, Jack got into illegal street racing against school bully Vince. Tales of his exploits later circulated in the school's student body.

"Out of His Head" Edit

When Bumblebee failed to pick Raf up for school one day, Raf called Jack while the latter was in class.

"Crisscross" Edit

Jack's extra-curricular activities led to him falling asleep during Art History, resulting in an email being sent to June Darby. 

"Operation: Bumblebee, Part 1" Edit

After Bumblebee lost his T-cogRatchet had to pick up Raf from school, much to the boy's embarrassment.

"Regeneration" Edit

Jack, Raf and Miko were waiting outside the school for quite some time after class ended. Jack phoned Ratchet who stated that they were currently occupied (On Cybertron, fighting for the Omega Lock.) 

Notes Edit

  • The school is unnamed in the cartoon, only getting a name when "Deus ex Machina" was adapted as "Bulkhead's Biggest Battle".
  • It's possible that Memorial High School also has a grade school or a Junior High because Raf is only 12 years old and should only be in grade 7 or 8. Either that or Raf skipped a grade which, considering his intelligence, is very plausible.
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