This crew was a group of Decepticons who manned The Nemesis led by Megatron.
The Nemesis

Nemesis Crew manning the Nemesis


During the Great Exodus, Megatron have rallied all his Decepticon armies to form a crew to man the The Nemesis out of Trypticon on a mission to intercept and destroy the Ark at all costs.

Once they caught up with the ship, Megatron immediately ordered the boarding parties to attack it through cable tubes. Many of them were either killed or went overboard in the chaotic battle.

When the black hole dragged the Ark and The Nemesis inside, the crew have managed to survive the catastrophe.

On Earth

The ship was used as the Deceptions's main means of transportation on the planet. Arcee once raided the ship, in a attempt to find Orion Pax, the former leader Optimus Prime had reverted to. However, she was taken off by Soundwave. The ship returned to having a mind of its own and rendered the Decepticons and Autobots that came near it in a state of paralyze. Four humans withdrew his plans and were nearly killed by Decepticon medic Knock Out before being taken out by Ratchet.

Notable Members


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