RID Razorpaw
Vital Statistics
Species Cybertronian


Production details
First appearance Cover Me
Voiced by Jonathan Adams


"Draining the sick and injured is so much easier than slaving to bring down the able."
―Razorpaw in Cover Me.

Razorpaw is a Decepticon who resembles a puma. He is able to drain energon from his victims as he takes it to gain energy for himself. He is allied with Swelter and Glacius, which he is shown to have little to no appreciation for their aid.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise


Season 2

As one of the many Decepticons on Earth, Razorpaw teamed up with Swelter and Glacius.

Hanging out in a desert region, Razorpaw was irritably (due to his body running low on energon) alerted by Swelter and Glacius to a group of Autobots hunting for them, and set his sights on capturing the weakest of the team. Razorpaw and his Mini-Cons followed them to a nearby military base, where Razorpaw was able to find Optimus and Windblade from up top a structure. He pounced on Windblade and Optimus tried to interfere. Aided by the fact that she thought he was actually after Optimus, Razorpaw revealed it was Windblade who was the weakest and that he was after her as he was able to weaken then started to drain her energon for himself. The Mini-Cons took out Optimus, and Razorpaw moved in, only to get in an argument with Swelter who stated the lack of appreciation that Razorpaw gives to them while Glacius tried to make them stop. Optimus, who had been feigning, took the opportunity to take out Razorpaw and his companions. Optimus used his Decepticon Hunter to fight Razorpaw and in their scuffle, Razorpaw along with his Mini-Con allies were left unconscious by Optimus.

In Decepticon Island (Part 2), Razorpaw's stasis pod was later taken back to Cybertron by Optimus Prime, Windblade and Ratchet.


During his debut episode, Razorpaw has shown to be a contemptuous Deception; almost always mocks Glacius and Swelter when they talk to him. Razorpaw is quite grumpy too as he rarely smiles while commonly growls in disdain.

He is also rather selfish; as he wanted all of Optimus's energon for himself and said that Glacius and Swelter can have the remaining scraps and even saying that living is award enough.


  • Scratch, who had gone unnamed in "The Buzz on Windblade", was long assumed to be Razorpaw when the simpler, off-color character model by that name appeared in the Robots in Disguise mobile game.
  • Besides the color differences between the two, Razorpaw lacks a tail, and has a fair amount of alternate-mode kibble differences from his model-kin.


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