Scrapheap is the seventh episode of the first season of Transformers: Prime. It is the seventh episode of the series overall.


When Bulkhead and Bumblebee uncovered a strange pod, it turns out to be filled with scraplets. Meanwhile, Optimus and Arcee search for any clues to their arctic find, but soon realize that they were stranded in the Arctic. It's up to Jack, Miko, and Raf to save their robot friends from doom. 


Walking through the cold Arctic, Bulkhead and Bumblebee locate a huge pod buried under the snow. They take it back to base, where their systems are checked over by Ratchet. Optimus asks about the pod, but Ratchet says it can't be opened while it's still frozen. Even as it sits defrosting in another part of the base, the pod cracks open from the inside.


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Optimus and Arcee prepare to travel to the Arctic to look for more clues regarding the pod's origins, and Ratchet gives them some temperature sensors so they can tell when their core temperatures drop to dangerous levels. The kids arrive in time to see them off, and Jack's initially keen on going with them, until he finds out where they're headed. Raf's still interested in seeing some snow, but Optimus says the conditions are too harsh. Though Optimus promised to get Raf a snowball and Raf said it would be awesome.

No sooner have Prime and Arcee stepped through the Ground Bridge, the system goes down. While the Autobots start trying to repair it, Jack and Miko start playing video games, and Raf wanders off. He's playing "being in the Arctic" in a corridor when he stumbles on a tiny, cute metal critter. He plays Fetch with it using a bolt...which it promptly eats. Happy with his new pet, he heads back to the control room, unaware that there's a sparking hole in the equipment behind him.

Ratchet's just dug out a Ground Bridge component damaged by bite-marks, when Raf returns with his find. The Autobots react in terror to the tiny critter, not unlike the reaction many people have to critters like mice, rats, spiders and snakes. The kids are surprised at the reaction to what the Autobots are calling a Scraplet, but then the creature starts chowing down on Bumblebee, and Raf has to beat it to death with a crowbar. Ratchet's suspicions as to the Scraplet's origin are confirmed when they check the Arctic pod and find it's been broken open — thousands of Scraplets now infest the base.

In the Arctic, Optimus and Arcee find their core temperatures have dropped into the danger zone, but Optimus is unable to contact base to request use of the Ground Bridge.

Ratchet discovers that the Scraplets have now broken the comm system. Bulkhead and Bumblebee are in favor of bugging out, but doing so will mean certain doom for Optimus and Arcee. After hearing Bulkhead's detailed description of what Scraplets can do to a 'bot, the kids volunteer to help. Since the Scraplets aren't interested in eating them, they pair off with the three Autobots, Jack helping Ratchet repair the Ground Bridge while the others hunt for the Scraplets. Miko and Bulkhead explore the corridors where Raf saw the first Scraplet, and after an embarrassingly girly scream and an encounter with a bunch of overhead cables, Bulkhead is set upon by the little monsters. Elsewhere, Raf and Bumblebee likewise run into a group of the things. Ratchet has meanwhile finished repairing the Ground Bridge, but it still refuses to function. As he investigates further, a swarm of Scraplets enter the main control room via a vent and begin flying overhead. They attack the terrified Ratchet, but Jack uses a nearby fire extinguisher to freeze them off. There are many more of the pests flying overhead, however, and as the others return from their search, the Scraplets attack and easily overwhelm the Autobots.

While Arcee and Optimus try to keep themselves conscious and functional by talking. Arcee suggests that they play a game about who messed things up back at base. She thinks Bulkhead could of accidentally trip over a cord, like when he first arrived to Earth, though Optimus says Bulkhead's size isn't compared to his inner strength. The kids manage to eliminate the Scraplets attacking their friends. However, from the sounds elsewhere in the base, it's clear there are many more lurking about. They come up with a plan to send the Scraplets to the Arctic by getting the Ground Bridge working, and Ratchet works out there must be an energon fuel line breach preventing the system from starting. The three kids take a tool kit and go to fix the breach. They're just finishing when the Scraplets decide it's time for lunch and break into the main control room, again attacking the Autobots, swarming all over them like Army Ants.


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Back in the Arctic, Arcee bemoans the frozen death that apparently awaits her and Optimus, especially after all they've survived so far. Optimus offers what words of philosophical comfort he can, but Arcee stretched out her left hand to his hand. They hold each other's hands and she says it's an honor to serve with him.

At the base, the kids rush back to the command room and let Ratchet know that the GroundBridge is back online. He opens the bridge to the Arctic before collapsing, and Bulkhead acts as bait, leading the Scraplets through. He arrives in the Arctic to see Optimus and Arcee staggering towards the bridge, and the Scraplet horde bursts through behind him. Optimus braces for attack, but the Scraplets rapidly freeze in the air and bounce harmlessly off him.

Back at base, Ratchet supervises repairs on Bumblebee and Bulkhead. He and Optimus pay tribute to the strength of their human allies, but just then Miko spots a spider and runs away screaming, which prompts Bulkhead to ask if she just screamed like a little girl.

Cast and CharactersEdit

Actor Character
Peter Cullen Optimus Prime
Jeffrey Combs Ratchet
Sumalee Montano Arcee
Kevin Michael Richardson Bulkhead
Tania Gunadi Miko Nakadai
Josh Keaton Jack Darby
Andy Pessoa Raf Esquivel
Non-speaking roles


Bulkhead: I told you Doc, we're fine.

Ratchet: The only way to be certain that you're fine Bulkhead is to endure standard defrosting procedure. You know prolonged exposure to subzero temperature can cause permanent system damage.

- Bulkhead and Ratchet.

Optimus Prime: Arcee and I will search for any clue which might explain the origin of our arctic find.

Ratchet: Only until your sensors sound. Remember once your temperature reaches the blue zone, system failures aren't likely their eminent.

- Optimus and Ratchet.

*Bulkhead and Bumblebee drive in with the kids*

Miko: Miss us Doc bot?

Ratchet: Uhh, shouldn't they be in school?

Miko: On a Saturday? We have the whole weekend spend with you.

- Miko and Ratchet.

Optimus Prime: I would invite you to join Rafael, but the conditions are much too extreme even for we Autobots.

Rafael: I understand.

*Optimus walks but stops and turns to Raf*

Optimus Prime: But, I will bring you back a snowball.

- Optimus warming up to Rafael, which he never brings back a snowball.

Rafael: Hey guys, look what I found.

Ratchet: We're busy! *screams and stands up quickly*

*Bulkhead and Bumblebee deploy their blasters as they are scared with Ratchet*

Miko: Whoa, what's with you guys?

Bulkhead: Scrapet! Scraplet!!!

Rafael: What's a Scraplet?

Ratchet: Only the most dangerous vermin ever to crawl upon the face of Cybertron.

- Ratchet on Scraplets.

Bulkhead: Now do you believe me? All Scraplets do is dismantle machinery and eat anything metal, especially living metal.

- Bulkhead on a Scraplets' diet.

*In the Arctic*

Optimus Prime: Arcee, what's your status?

*Arcee checks area from a different location*

Arcee: My sensors going off, guess we should call for pickup before things get chilly.

Optimus Prime: Optimus to base, core temperatures have reached the blue zone. Prepare to activate Ground Bridge. *Optimus receives a static feedback instead of someone responding and gives a worried look*

Miko: And we go on a bug hunt!

- Miko telling about their mission.

*Back in the Arctic, Optimus and Arcee walk slowly*

Optimus Prime: Optimus to base do you read?

*Arcee falls from the cold and Optimus walks back to help her up*

Arcee: Are you sure a nice long drive wouldn't help? I hear Miami is beautiful this time of year.

- Optimus and Arcee on their Artic adventure, which Arcee would prefer on a hot beach.

*Scraplets fly*

Jack: They can fly?! You never said they could fly!

- Jack on Scraplets' power.

*Optimus and Arcee find shelter in Arctic*

Optimus Prime: Arcee wake up!

*Arcee rubs her optics*

Arcee: Just resting my eyes.

Optimus Prime: The longer we remain alert, the longer we remain alive.

Arcee: What do you suggest? Wait, how about a game? Lets play "Who screwed up things back at base"?

Optimus Prime: Our predicament could be the result of a simple malfunction.

Arcee: Caused by Bulkhead.

- Optimus and Arcee blame their comrade for their predicament.

Optimus Prime: Bulkhead may be...too large for this world, but his inner strength is without bounds. One should not be measured by size alone.

- Optimus on Bulkhead's size.

Arcee: You know the worst part? After battling 'Cons all these years, smacked down, shot at, blown up, this is how our lights go out?

Optimus Prime: Arcee, this may not be the finish that we had planned, but if this is indeed the end...*Arcee looks up at Optimus's hand*...if we are to be come one with the Allspark...

*Arcee reaches her left hand to hold Optimus's left hand and they both held their left hands.*

Arcee: It's been an honor serving with you, Optimus Prime.

- Optimus and Arcee share a heart filled moment as they accept their end.

*After Scraplets freeze*

Bulkhead: I'd invite you in, but the place is a mess.

- Bulkhead to his comrades.

Ratchet: We're just fortunate that this infestation happened... on a Saturday.

Optimus Prime: Our human friends may be small.... but they are strong.

*(Miko screams)*

Jack: Scraplet?!

Spider! Is it on me?! (Miko runs away screaming)

- Miko gives us a little scene of girls and their reaction to spiders.

Did she just scream like a little girl?

- Bulkhead ending the episode.


  • When the lights go out in the tunnel, only Bulkhead's eyes and his lamp continue to give off light. But when the lights were still on, his weapon also glowed, yet it goes dark together with the lights.
  • When the kids began working on the Energon fuel line, they worked on a different place where the fuel line that was originally damaged.
  • Optimus's line "The conditions are much too extreme, even for we Autobots" has a grammar error. It should have stated "for us Autobots."
  • After Ratchet tries to contact Optimus, the white part of his shoulder plate looks like it goes through his chest when he turns to face the Autobots and humans.

Notes Edit

Transformers references Edit

  • At the episode's conclusion, Bumblebee is hooked up to an "electropulse" monitor, a feature of Transformer biology that got its first and only previous mention waaaay back in the original The Transformers cartoon episode, "Divide and Conquer", when Optimus Prime declared his to be fading.
  • Arcee mentioned how the Autobots first arrived on Earth and Bulkhead bumping into a bunch of power lines, which made him do some dance in the process. This is a reference to the first live action movie where Optimus and his team arrived on Earth, and Ratchet bumped into some power lines.

Real-world references Edit

  • The initial search for the scraplets is called a "bug hunt", a reference to the movie Aliens.
  • A sequence from this episode (from the start of Miko and Bulkhead exploring up to Bulkhead's arm thrusting into the air) was shown to the attendees of Toy Fair 2011 prior to the episode's premiere.
  • Miko's hair moves during this episode. When Bulkhead first screams, the shadow of her twin buns can be seen jumping up. After, when she screams thinking she saw a spider, the buns and her ponytail curl up.
  • This is the first episode not to feature any Decepticons.
  • It is not an error that the Autobots can freeze in the Arctic but not in space. The idea that being in space will immediately freeze you up like a popsicle is a lie perpetuated by bad science fiction. This isn't the first time it's happened.
  • The entire plot of this episode is very similar to an episode from Prime's fellow Hasbro-sponsored show, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, namely the episode Swarm of the Century. Both episodes revolved around a character bringing in an innocuous-looking creature that proceeded to rapidly multiply and cause havoc by devouring various things, and the characters themselves trying (and failing) to remove the threat. However, fitting the difference in tone between the two series, Scraplets are significantly more dangerous than Parasprites; they pose a direct threat to the heroes themselves, it takes more than a jaunty polka tune to deal with them, and they're a fair bit less cute (at least, when they open their mouths). Both plots are likely based off the episode of Star TrekThe Trouble With Tribbles.
  • This episode was later adapted as a storybook under the name Attack of the Scraplets!.


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