Simicore RID
Vital Statistics
Species Cybertronian
Production details
First appearance Brainpower
Voiced by Matthew Yang King


"How unusual to find such deductive skills, in a Dinobot."
―Simacore remarking on Grimlock's intelligence in Brainpower.

Simacore is a Bornean orangutan like Decepticon scientist and well known for his intelligence and strength. He has both knowledge and strength to encompass in facing any Autobots or even things for his work.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise


Season 2

On Cybertron, Simacore was a famously temperamental scientist. After an experiment went wrong, he took his frustrations out on his colleagues, which resulted in his imprisonment aboard the Alchemor. When the ship crashed on Earth, Simacore and his Mini-Cons escaped. To get back home, Simicore planned to build a starship. He broke into a particle research laboratory and stole a secondary control circuit from a particle accelerator. Before he could escape, he was confronted by Bumblebee, Strongarm, and a temporarily super-intelligent Grimlock. Simicore took advantage of Grimlock's newfound clumsiness to defeat him, then quickly clobbered Strongarm and Bumblebee before escaping. Realizing that Grimlock had made off with his circuit board while he was preoccupied, he set off to confront the Dinobot, who had locked himself in an observation room. After realizing that he and his Mini-Cons were incapable of breaking through, Simacore took the other two Autobots hostage and magnetized them to a particle accelerator. With only a few minutes before the beam fired, Grimlock, who had been returned to his normal intellect, albeit temporarily immobilized called Simacore to the observation room, where he intended to challenge the Decepticon to a contest of intelligence. Grimlock, Fixit, Denny and Russell managed to stall Simacore long enough for Grimlock to regain mobility, whereupon he flattened the Decepticon with his signature cannonball move. Simacore and his Minicons were subsequently put back in stasis pods.

Season 3

In The Fastest Bot Alive!, luckily for Simacore, his stasis pod turned out to be defective, and he was able to escape before the other prisoners were sent back to Cybertron. Simacore located Vertebreak's old lab in the subway tunnels under Crown City and he started creating clones of his Mini-Cons until his activities were detected by the Autobots. His electric trap incapacitated Bumblebee, Strongarm, Sideswipe and Drift, but when he heard Grimlock nearby, he went to face the Dinobot, only to be met by Grimlock coming the other way at high speed. He pummeled the Dinobot, who was reluctant to fight back, until Simacore revealed that he and Grimlock were arch enemies. At that point, Grimlock knocked him out with a flick from his finger and Simacore was recaptured.


Season 2

Season 3

The Fastest Bot Alive!


  • Simacore's whole body model is alternatively and based on Groundpounder's character model.
    • His appearance also resembles that of an Bornean orangutan.
  • His vehicle mode appears to be some kind of Snowcat vehicle or tractor with caterpillar treads.
  • He mentions Grimlock as his arch enemy.
  • In the cast, his voice actor is listed as Matt Yang King, since Matt is short for Matthew.
  • He doesn't make any simian-like sounds, but in season 3, while he expressed his anger on Grimlock, he gibbered in-between his speech.


Season 2

Season 3

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