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The Star Saber is one of the most powerful ancient Cybertronian weapons, and is said to hold the power of the Matrix of Leadership itself. It was designed and built by Solus Prime using her Forge.

Its immense power is so great that it can slice a huge boulder in two and fire energy waves at long-range targets. This relic can only respond to the power of a Prime alone. Even without a Prime to wield it's power, the Star Saber could be used like an ordinary sword in battle, only bigger to humans.

Appearance Edit

The Star Saber is special kind of sword. It is as tall as a 5ft tall person, with a gold hilt that is intricately shaped, and is symmetrical on both sides. The blade itself is another story: the  blade side that is facing up is about a foot shorter than the rest of the sword, since the opposite side of the blade took the rest of the height of the sword, and both parts are all symmetrical in design.



The Star Saber was created by Solus Prime with her Forge back on Cybertron. It holds the power of the Matrix, but it can only be wield by the hand of a Prime.[1] During the battle against UnicronPrima, the first ever Transformer, wielded it in battle. 


The Star Saber was among the powerful relics that Alpha Trion sent to Earth for Optimus Prime to retrieve.[2]


Megatron had found the locator beacon for the Star Saber, and had sent Soundwave with a fake locator beacon to distract the Autobots. Upon excavating for the relic, Megatron realized that it was the powerful Star Saber and attempted to pull it out, but it was stuck inside a boulder. He tried to blast it out, but the boulder was unscathed, revealing that the sword created a shield surrounding it. He then ordered his tropps to move the boulder so that Optimus could never obtain it.[3]

Smokescreen had followed the beacon with Jack Darby, and instantly recognized the relic. Jack contacted Ratchet so he could send back-up. The rest of the Autobots arrived, and Optimus reached the Star Saber's handle and pulled it out.

Megatron, enraged, sent the huge boulder down the mountain in an attempt to squash him. However, the sword's power was so great that it cut the boulder cleanly in half. He then sent a huge energy wave that rocked The Nemesis for a while.[4]

Alpha Trion's MessageEdit

Back at the Autobot Base, Optimus Prime received a message from Alpha Trion[5] explaining that he sent the relics to Earth as he had a vision that the Autobots would visit that planet, and, now that he has the Star Saber, he would allow the last four relics, the Omega Keys, to be found.[6]

Meeting its CounterpartEdit

After Arcee and Smokescreen failed to recover the first Omega Key, Optimus went to duel Megatron for it. He discovered that Megatron had created his own Dark Star Saber, built from Dark Energon using the Forge of Solus Prime. After a lengthy duel, Megatron had the upper hand and destroyed the Star Saber, reducing it to its hilt.

Optimus and Smokescreen escaped with the Omega Key, but left Megatron happy, as he knew he now had a great advantage over the Autobots.[7]


Optimus manages to bring back the Forge of Solus Prime with the help of Dreadwing and reforges the Star Saber. He then took it to battle Vehicons and later Megatron in a lengthy duel on Cybertron for control over the Omega Lock. Optimus Prime gains an advantage when he hits Megatron with a blue energy wave, knocking him off his feet. The Autobots then succeed in controlling the Omega Lock.[8]

Battle of the Omega LockEdit

Optimus used the Saber to fight the Decepticons and later uses it to cut off Megatron's sword hand and destroy the Omega Lock.

Defending the BaseEdit

Optimus uses the Saber to fend off Decepticons attacking the Autobot Base and later uses it to destroy the Space Bridge controls. The blade survived the base's destruction, intact, and was stored aboard the Nemesis.

Battle for Earth and CybertronEdit

Though Smokescreen did not retrieve it or make mention of it he noticed the Star Saber was in the vault of the Nemesis. When the Autobots invaded the ship, Smokescreen was the last to board. As the others went he saw Megatron with the Dark Star Saber. Shocked by its survival, Smokescreen desperately ran to get the Star Saber for Optimus. Arcee was ticked when he would not say what he was going to get. With the sword he ran to the Omega Lock 2.0's control station.

He saw Optimus and Megatron fighting below and prepared to launch the sword below. Shockwave then shot him causing him to drop the sword. Both sides scrambled for the sword, with Bumblebee securing it. Ratchet told Optimus to destroy the Omega Lock with the Star Saber, but before it could reach him Megatron shot Bumblebee dead. The scout fell into a pool of Cyber Matter with the Star Saber next to him. The Cyber Matter resurrected Bumblebee, with voice box included, and he used the Star Saber to stab Megatron's spark, avenging himself, countless others and saving the life of Optimus Prime. The Star Saber has since returned to the Last Prime.

Predacons RisingEdit

Optimus Prime used the Star Saber to promote Bumblebee from "Scout" to "Warrior".

After that, it was never seen or mentioned again.

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  • The sword that Optimus wields in Transformers: Age of Extinction that is similar to the Star Saber.
  • It is believed that the Star Saber was designed to be much like a Star Wars light-saber, that could cut through almost any substance, even a rock and the Omega Lock.
  • It also bears similarities to Excalibur, King Arthur's legendary magic sword. Excalibur, would only respond to the touch of the King of England just as the Star Saber only responds to the power of a Prime.
  • The Star Saber was taken out of action almost immediately after its introduction in the Prime cartoon, presumably to keep a weapon so powerful that Megatron feared it from destroying the show's status quo. Even when it was reconstructed in the second-season finale, it played absolutely no role in the story until the series finale, and even then, it was in the hands of non-Primes, rendering it an ordinary but giant sword.
  • Darkest Hour is the last and final time Optimus ever use the Star Saber in its blue glow which was destroying the Space Bridge controls.
  • The Star Saber was able to survive under the destruction of the former Autobot base.
  • Despite heavily being associated with him by fans, Optimus only uses the Saber for combat in 4 episodes and in the movie to promote Bumblebee at the ceremony. 
  • The Saber can break if it gets smashed by another powerful weapon, such as the Dark Star Saber. However it can be repaired with the Forge of Solus Prime. After it's repairs Optimus wisely cut off Megatron's arm to avoid the same lost.
  • In Season 3, the Dark Star Saber and the Star Saber never clash.
  • In Season 3, Optimus never uses the Star Saber or any melee weapons.
  • Bumblebee was able to kill Megatron with the Saber, despite not being a Prime. Though it wasn't displaying it's blue glow when he used it. This shows that the Saber can be used, without its power, by anyone wielding it. 
  • If the Autobots were able to retrieve a portion of the red energon, Optimus would've been able to forge a Red Star Saber, making it more powerful in speed than the Dark Star Saber and the Star Saber.


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