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Vital Statistics
Alias Regs (nickname by Nightra)
Species Cybertronian
Rank Cybertron Elite Guard
Status Online
Production details
First appearance Pilot (Part 1)
Voiced by Constance Zimmer


"Teach me, like Optimus taught you."
―Strongarm to Bumblebee[src]

Strongarm is an Autobot and "by the book" member of the reformed Cybertron Elite Guard on Cybertron. She is quite aware of the rules and regulations in law enforcement. She seems to have directly odds with Sideswipe, since he is a rule breaker, and sometimes with Grimlock, since he was considered prisoner. However, Grimlock seems to not pick fights with Strongarm like Sideswipe does with her in some cases. Like her counterpart and predecessor, Arcee, Strongarm is willing to fight and care for her team.


Robots in Disguise

Season 1

Transformers RID 2015 Strongarm question

She sure is Ultra Magnus's daughter

A cadet partnered with Bumblebee, Strongarm helped him chase Sideswipe through Kaon City. Eventually, she captured Sideswipe by cuffing Sideswipe to herself. Bumblebee told Strongarm to take Sideswipe in as he went to do something. Unfortunately for Bumblebee, Strongarm then insisted that regulations meant she had to accompany him on a trip to Earth after Optimus Prime appeared to him in a series of visions. After a trip to Cybertron's Museum, Bumblebee arrive on Earth along with Strongarm and Sideswipe who was still handcuffed to Strongarm. Bumblebee blasted their cuffs, which Sideswipe left them while Strongarm was excited to be on Earth. Bumblebee and Strongarm walked where they found that the prison ship Alchemor had crashed, scattering Decepticon prisoners over the nearby area. They also encountered Fixit, who told them about the ship crash landing on Earth and how it enabled Decepticon prisoners to escape. Strongarm was surprised to see that Sideswipe brought Russell Clay and she gently poked Russell's face. Strongarm helped Bumblebee and Sideswipe fight Underbite. They failed to stop Underbite from escaping to the scrapyard where Russell's dad, Denny Clay was.

Grimlock hug Strongarm

In Pilot (Part 2), Strongarm was there when Grimlock made his appearance. Strongarm saw fit to follow Russell despite orders from Bumblebee. Strongarm even shot at a some pile of metal that Underbite was about to devour and Underbite chased her and Bumblebee through the scrapyard. When Grimlock recovered from being unconscious, Strongrm filled Grimlock in about what happened and that nobody was hurt. Adopting a local vehicular form, Strongarm joined the team in recapturing Underbite before he could reach and devour Crown City. The operation was a success as Optimus Prime managed to throw Underbite into the quarry. Optimus complimented Bumblebee and his team, which Strongarm showed some gratitude about it. Bumblebee placed Grimlock on probation despite Strongarm wanting to follow protocol. Grimlock happily hugged Strongarm around. Strongarm first ordered Sideswipe to take some equipment. After this, Strongarm and Sideswipe began to bicker until Grimlock grabbed onto their shoulders to chant he was on probation.

Trust Exercises Strongarm thanks Russell

In Trust Exercises, Strongarm and Sideswipe continued having trouble working together, inadvertently resulting in Strongarm's comms being damaged. When the pair went sent on a mission to investigate fugitive signals, they split up, and Strongarm was captured by Steeljaw, who tried to convince her that he intended to dwell peacefully on Earth. She was freed by Sideswipe and Russell, though Steeljaw got away. Back at base, Sideswipe and Strongarm explained to Bumblebee about Steeljaw. Bumblebee complimented their teamwork after he was informed. When Strongarm thanked Russell for saving her, Sideswipe felt unthankful for and soon slipped on some mud. Strongarm caught Sideswipe when he fell, thanked him, and told him not to be cocky before walking away.

In More than Meets the Eye, Strongarm and the team managed to capture Bisk. They later encountered Chop Shop and were unprepared for the Decepticon's ability to split into component parts. Strongarm took Fixit, who was dressed up as a disguise, and Denny on an another mission to capture Chop Shop. When Strongarm attempted to tackle one of his components, it resulted in Chop Shop taking Fixit as a new replacement right arm. During a confrontation with Chop Shop, Sideswipe and Strongarm were overpowered when Chop Shop used Fixit against them. However the team were eventually successful in rescuing the Mini-Con and capturing the Decepticon. Strongarm was there along with Bumblebee, Grimlock, Sideswipe, and Denny to cheer for Russell after he won his first football game.

In W.W.O.D.?, Sideswipe and Strongarm continued to squabble. During a meeting in the scrapyard, Sideswipe gave Strongarm a "wet willy" by placing one of his fingers into his mouth and putting it into one of Strongarm's audio receptors. Strongarm tackled Sideswipe to the ground until Bumblebee broke them up. The team learned that a Decepticon stasis pod was discovered by humans and taken to a museum to be examined. Bumblebee and his team planned to go to the museum to prevent the humans from opening the pod. When they went to a museum, Strongarm alternated between doing so and towing Grimlock on a trailer. Splitting up, the team was unable to capture Terrashock until Bumblebee came up with a way to hunt the Decepticon. The team were successful in taking down Terrashock. The Decepticon was loaded onto Strongarm's trailer with Grimlock and the team rode off into the sunset just like cowboys.

In As the Kospego Commands!, Strongarm searched the Alchemor crash site again but only to find a Decepticon Hunter. She brought it back to the scrapyard where she showed Bumblebee and the others. During several attempts in getting the device to work, which she destroyed some of Denny's collection of fridges, she was unable to get working, despite Fixit's instructions. During the mission to protect the generator at the dam, Strongarm and Bumblebee discovered that Sideswipe left Grimlock alone. When Strongarm comms Grimlock, someone was confronting the Dinobot. They went to see that the generator was gone and Grimlock was flattened. Strongarm was ordered by Bumblebee to help Grimlock back to the scrapyard and she told them to call if they needed any help.

In Collect 'Em All, Strongarm was feeling homesick and began breaking out in hives. She was heavily relying more and more on the rulebook, which irritated Sideswipe as they searched for the Decepticon Filch. Sideswipe and Strongarm were left to hold up a bridge from collapsing. Bumblebee came to help them hold up the bridge and soon Grimlock relieved them all of holding up the bridge. After some encouragement from Bumblebee, Strongarm broke several rules as she falcon punched Filch. They were able to rescue Denny from Filch and captured Filch. When Bumblebee checked on Strongarm again, she remained positive and told him that the team were her ties to Cybertron more than any rule book. However, Strongarm still insisted on writing them up.

In True Colors, when Grimlock turned on the other Autobots and stole Underbite's stasis pod, Strongarm's first instinct was that Grimlock was pretending to be good all along and felt betrayed. The others find Grimlock's footprints and soon discovered that he set a trap for them after Sideswipe and Bumblebee nearly fell off a cliff. Strongarm discovered a cryo-inducer from the stasis pod and noted that this would not happen often. She, Bumblebee and Sideswipe tracked him to Crown River Dam, where they discovered that he had been under the control of Minitron, who was used by Steeljaw. When Steeljaw escaped with Underbite's stasis pod, the trio managed to secure Grimlock in some cables and Fixit informed them about Minitron. They attempted to get Minitron off of Grimlock only for Minitron to control Bumblebee, then Strongarm, and finally Sideswipe. As the trio attacked each other for Minitron, Grimlock managed to grab Minitron. The Dinobot showed mercy on Minitron and it was soon placed back in stasis. Strongarm apologized to Grimlock and Grimlock told her that she was just doing her job.

In Rumble in the Jungle, after begging, Strongarm got her own solo mission. She was thrilled to go, only to find that Bumblebee was following her along the way. Bumblebee wanted to ensure Strongarm was safe and only acted as an observer for some time. They both encountered Springload and pursued him to a temple. Despite Bumblebee wanting to comm the rest of the team for backup, Strongarm lied to Fixit about capturing Springload without Bumblebee's knowledge. Eventually, she grabbed onto Springload, only to discover his skin was acid. Bumblebee examined her left hand and they both managed to escape the collapsing room. Strongarm revealed to Bumblebee that she lied to Fixit about capturing Springload. Bumblebee was disappointed in her but gave Strongarm a last chance to complete the mission. They pursued Springload further down in the temple only for him to escape once again. However, Strongarm asked Bumblebee to relinquish his role as an observer to help her take down Springload. The pair worked on setting a trap for Springload. Strongarm pretended to be a spirit and Bumblebee was able to push Springload into a casket. With Springload captured, Bumblebee commends Strongarm that she did well on her solo mission. 

In Can You Dig It?, Strongarm was watching a TV show about a motorcycle gang with Russell and the other Autobots. Strongarm was unamused and soon found shocking when the humans in the TV began kissing, as she questioned "why are they smashing their mouths together?" Strongarm and the others soon found Sideswipe with a new Autobot named Jazz. When a Decepticon came into the scrapyard and nearly sunked Russell in its sinkhole, Strongarm teamed with Bumblebee in going after it. Strongarm and Bumblebee hunted Ped in subterranean tunnels, and she was ordered by Bumblebee to help support part of Crown City when it was undermined by the Decepticon's digging. She later became trapped at the bottom of a pit during a later successful attempt to capture Ped. She was able to get out of the hole with the aid of Denny who was using a crane in his scrapyard to fish the Autobots out of the hole. Strongarm teased Sideswipe about finding a role model like Jazz.

In Adventures in Bumblebee-Sitting!, when Bumblebee was regressed to immaturity due to Quillfire's toxins, Strongarm saw the opportunity to test herself in a leadership role, even with no agreements by her teammates. After suffering a number of Bumblebee's pranks, such as getting fire extinguisher foam all over her body and getting her foot stuck in some wet cement, she took Grimlock to go hunt Quillfire, only to have Bumblebee follow them. Quillfire managed to secure Strongarm and Grimlock on a ride by turning the ride on and leaving them to spin around in it. Strongarm was able to destroy the ride's programming controls with her gun but was a little dizzy from the whole ordeal. She went with Grimlock where Quillfire was soon incapacited by Bumblebee, who bounced Quillfire into getting hit with his own quills. Strongarm had Grimlock chain Bumblebee up until he recovered from the toxin. Back at the scrapyard, Strongarm was commended by Bumblebee and she told Sideswipe that she's proud of being on the team before being a temporary leader.

In Hunting Season, when Drift and Fracture came to Earth to collect the bounty on Bumblebee, Strongarm went back to the scrapyard with Drift and his mini-cons. She was soon captured by Fracture when she picked up a Cybertronian pad that shocked her unconscious. She was used as a ransom along with the other Autobots and Denny. She was able to escape when Drift's mini-cons hijacked Fracture's ship. 

In Out of Focus, Strongarm and Sideswipe continued their bickering, even as the team hunted the Skunkticon gang led by Malodor, hampering efforts at several points during the chase. However, she worked with Sideswipe in bringing down the Skunkticons. 

In Sideways, upon discovering that Strongarm had been sneaking off the base, Sideswipe blackmailed her into doing undesirable jobs for him. After they failed tried to recapture Clampdown in the sewers, they tracked Clampdown to a soon tangled with Steeljaw's gang, where Strongarm fought Fracture's mini-cons. She was able to place a cuff on their legs and it prevented them from moving to help Fracture. When Steeljaw broke free from his cuffs and sets a ship to crash into a passing ship, Strongarm goes with the other Autobots in stopping the ship which worked successfully. On the way back home, Strongarm was fed up with Sideswipe's blackmail and Bumblebee revealed he already knew about Strongarm sneaking out, and Strongarm revealed she had been using a nearby carwash. Sideswipe stated that even her secrets were uninteresting and Strongarm stated that she only goes there to maintain a clean professional appearance. They witness as a relaxed Bumblebee was getting brushed around his shoulders.

In Even Robots Have Nightmares, Strongarm joined Sideswipe, Russell, and Grimlock for a horror movie marathon; the three Autobots tried to scare Russell to no avail. Strongarm joined Bumblebee and the rest of the team for an excursion to a local cave network in pursuit of a Decepticon signal. They encountered Nightstrike, who picked them off one by one and tried to drain their energon. Trapped in a cocoon, Strongarm was forced to hallucinate her worst fear- disgracing the Kaon police force. She was freed by Grimlock and returned to the scrapyard after they successfully captured Nightstrike.

In Some Body, Any Body, Strongarm towed Grimlock to the Crown City subway system after Sideswipe went missing. She discovered that the mad scientist Vertebreak had stolen Sideswipe's body, and she was forced to fight him. Strongarm was temporarily out until Bumblebee and Sideswipe, who shocked Strongarm when she saw his head in a jar, came to her aid. Strongarm, holding back ailing emotions, managed to carry Sideswipe's head in the jar. Strongarm fought Vertebreak and evaded an incoming train with the others and with Vertebreak, who was temporarily knocked out. With Sideswipe's help, the other Autobots managed to incapacitate and recapture Vertebreak. Strongarm helped Fixit repair Sideswipe's head to his body, to which Sideswipe whisperly says Strongarm's name and mumbles a few things after it. Strongarm asked her comerade what he was saying and Sideswipe revealed it was prank by stating she worried slow. Strongarm challenged the repaired Sideswipe to a race home and automatically won as Sideswipe could not transform momentarily.

In One of Our Mini-Cons Is Missing, after Drift and Slipstream returned to Earth in pursuit of Jetstorm, Strongarm rolled out with the other Autobots to recapture Quillfire and Springload. They successfully captured the pair after a few attempts and Strongarm welcomed Drift and his mini-cons to the team as they remained with them. 

In Deep Trouble, after taking part in a training exercise against Sideswipe and bickered who won with him, Strongarm GroundBridged to the ocean, where the Decepticon Octopunch was planning to steal an abandoned Cybertronian ship. Strongarm attempted to get Octopunch's attention but failed as the Decepticon threw a rock at her. Strongarm and the other Autobots managed to get inside the ship that Octopunch was planning to use to leave Earth. Strongarm was taken out of the fight by an army of deployable Mini-Cons, who looked a lot like Fixit, and locked in an empty room, where she couldn't contact her teammates. She managed to break out and escape with her comerades before the ship self-destructed. The memory of those Mini-cons that attacked her left Strongarm to go out on a nice long patrol after Fixit had deployed his systems probe. 

In The Champ, when the gladiator Groundpounder and his cheating manager Headlock debuted at the Crown City Rumbledome, Strongarm and the other Autobots- minus Grimlock and Fixit- tried to GroundBridge into the city. Instead, they wound up in the Arctic, and then appeared outside the city limits, where they were held up by traffic while Grimlock fought Groundpounder. Strongarm arrived just in time to stasis cuff the fleeing Headlock and to witness Russell giving Grimlock and Fixit the winner's trophy. 

In The Trouble with Fixit, Fixit's sentry programming asserted itself, causing Strongarm to be menaced by the scrapyard's various security systems. She and the other Autobots attempted to capture Fixit, but failed as they were secured by Fixit's security measures. Strongarm and Bumblebee were freed from their imprisonment and chased Fixit, who was chasing Chop Shop, along with the other Autobots. The Autobots dogpiled on Fixit and Denny deactivated him. Strongarm was relieved when Fixit was repaired back to his normal self. 

In Lockout, Strongarm helped set up a new rollercoaster that Denny purchased, which she was concern about when Denny called it a steal, and then headed out with the team to investigate a Decepticon signal. The signal belonged to Kickback, who had been set up by Steeljaw as a distraction while the rest of his gang broke into the Autobot base and deactivated the other stasis pods. The Autobots were momentarily prevented from entering the scrapyard to stop Steeljaw and his pack but they did managed to take back their territory, fight the Decepticons, and Strongarm helped to recontain Octopunch's tentacles as Denny prevented the other Decepticon prisoners from escaping their stasis pods. The Autobots chased Steeljaw and his pack out of the scrapyard and Bumblebee thanked Russell and Denny for helping them. 

In Similarly Different, the Autobots set out to capture Scowl, whom Grimlock had inadvertently befriended and set free, much to Strongarm's concern. Strongarm helped to reroute a train that Scowl had derailed, then ran damage control at a local spa while Grimlock tried to recapture the vengeful Decepticon. She complimented Grimlock on taking out Scowl and she returned to the scrapyard where the Autobots were puzzled as Fixit, Denny, and Russell were dancing. 

In The Buzz on Windblade, Strongarm realized that many of the Alchemor's convicts were based off Earth animals, and began researching the dangers of Earth creatures. She was less than impressed by the newcomer Windblade and was particularly irked by Windblade's cavalier attitude toward protocol. The disagreement boiled over when the Autobots set out in search of Zizza, when Windblade revealed that she didn't care if humans were caught in the crossfire. The two Autobots eventually resolved their differences, and Strongarm's knowledge of Earth bees helped her bring in Zizza. Strongarm was also puzzled when Sideswipe had apparently complimented her. 

In Ghosts and Impostors, feeling homesick for Cybertron, Strongarm came along with the team on a "vacation" to Edmondville. Although the gang had fun scaring off a group of human tourists and secretly laughing at Drift who was pretending to be a ghost, things took a turn for the worse when they encountered Pseudo, who locked Strongarm and the Mini-Cons in an old bank vault. Strongarm escaped by blasting a hole in the wall, which she told Jetstorm and Slipstream to always make use of an exit in that situation and tracked Pseudo to a nearby mine. After a brief chase, the Autobots managed to subdue the Shifter in cuffs. Strongarm states that Earth has new rules for her to learn as she considers them fun. She and the rest of the Autobots gazed in amazement as they watched the sunset over the horizon before leaving back home as Fixit comm them.

In Battlegrounds, Part 1, on a training exercise with Sideswipe, both Autobots were ambushed by Decepticons; Strongarm managed to send a fragmentary transmission back to the base before she was captured by Fracture. The duo were later joined by Windblade, and all three of them were lashed to the Crown City Colossus while the Decepticons worked to summon Megatronus. In Battlegrounds, Part 2, with their ranks bolstered by a revived Optimus Prime, the two Autobots (with Windblade breaking free from her restraints before they were free) were freed by Drift and joined in the fight. Although Optimus faltered in his fight against Megatronus, Strongarm attempted to keep Megatronus from the Spark Fuser but was soon prevented after she and the Autobots were chased by Megatronus, then incapcitated by Steeljaw's gang. Later, Strongarm and the other Autobots regained themselves to fight Steeljaw's pack. Strongarm and Sideswipe had their weapons touch each other, which gave them a sudden power feeling. They worked on taking out Thunderhoof and attending to Bumblebee. Bumblebee, Sideswipe, and Strongarm were able to unlock the power of their Decepticon hunters and give themselves a power-up, allowing them to aid Optimus in battle against Megatronus. After many attempts and small fights, they were able to get Megatronus to stay in one place by cutting off the statue's arm and setting it on Megatronus. While Megatronus was able to lift the arm, Sideswipe, Bumblebee and Strongarm opened fired a sustained blast at Megatronus and seemingly vaporized him. As the team was about to leave back to the scrapyard, Bumblbebee comes up with a phrase that impresses everyone. Strongarm and Windblade complimented Russell, Denny, and Fixit for "taking down" Fracture. With Steeljaw's gang almost entirely arrested and placed in stasis pods, Strongarm opted to remain on Earth alongside her team.

Season 2

In Overloaded, Part 1, while listening to Optimus's old war stories with Jetstorm and Slipstream, Strongarm got into yet another fight with Sideswipe. After Micronus takes Optimus's granted powers back and with half of the team split, Strongarm was left back at the scrapyard with the others. Following a GroundBridge explosion, she helped clear up and along with Bumblebee and Grimlock, she was defeated by Overload when the Decepticon arrived at the scrapyard. Strongarm and the others noticed Bumblebee's sudden emotional outburst towards facing his old enemy.

In Overloaded, Part 2, after tracking Overload to a parking lot, the team split up with Grimlock and Strongarm trying to track the Cyclone Mini-Cons. They soon realized they'd actually been tracking humans, but managed to maintain their cover through Grimlock's plan of acting as a human made dinosaur with Strongarm clearing things up with the campers about it and gave them a friendly reminder to stay in school. They soon caught up with Bumblebee just in time to help take Overload back to base.

In Metal Meltdown, missing the teamwork she had with Sideswipe, Strongarm attempted to establish a rapport with Grimlock, which mainly resulted in them bungling an attempt to capture a strange Decepticon named Saberhorn with Bumblebee. During the later fight at the steel mill, they were tangled up in the air by a crane. However, their efforts were enough to save Russell's life and Bumblebee from being melted down, though Saberhorn himself got away when Grimlock had thrown in through a wall. Strongarm assured Grimlock that she and Sideswipe use to make plenty of mistakes and promises that they will capture the Decepticon. Back at the scrapyard, Fixit informs them that Saberhorn was placed on the Alchemor though Fixit's manifest lists no Decepticon with that name.

In Suspended, when she accidentally endangered some motorists during the pursuit of Crazybolt and Slicedice, Strongarm became demoralized and turned in her Decepticon Hunter to Bumblebee. After an attempt to get her to help Fixit backfired badly, she resigned herself to rusting in the corner. However, a fire started by Crazybolt endangered some humans, and Bumblebee was able to spur her into returning to the field to save them. She was successful and saved the humans from the fire, which one of the humans thanked Strongarm for rescuing them. Strongarm was willing to go back to her normal status in the team and as Bumblebee gives her back her Decepticon Hunter, she states it was good to get back in action with her team and was also within inches of decapitating more of Denny's gnomes. Much to Denny's relief, no gnomes were harmed because she states she is a professional and then she laughs with them.

In Brainpower, after capturing Torpor, Grimlock soon gained increased brainpower from a Cybertronian data cylinder at the scrapyard. Strongarm, Bumblebee took him along on an attempt to capture Simacore. Though during the operation, she and Bumblebee were dispatched by Simacore as they were fighting his Mini-Cons. They were used as hostages and were placed against a particle accelerator and were in danger of being particle collided if Grimlock did not surrender the circuit board. However, Fixit came up with a cure for Grimlock, and the Dinobot rescued both Strongarm and Bumblebee. They brought Simacore and his Mini-Cons back the scrapyard and Strongarm complimented Grimlock on his victory.

In Misdirection, when a wounded Steeljaw turned up at the scrapyard, Bumblebee, Strongarm and Grimlock followed the trail of energon he'd left to a disused drive in. Following the arrival of Scorponok, Crazybolt and Slicedice, the Autobots discovered that Steeljaw had been feigning. While Bumblebee and Grimlock covered for her escape, Strongarm sped back to base where she found Russell, Denny, and Fixit trapped in a force field. She was soon confronted by Steeljaw who attempted to intimidate her. However, even though Steeljaw seemed defenseless and threw some dirt at Strongarm's eyes, she was able to best him in combat easily. Seemingly defeated, Steeljaw resorted to closing the force field around the humans and Fixit with his subsonic controller. Strongarm was soon able to get the controller from Steeljaw but could not prevent Steeljaw from escaping. She rescued Fixit, Denny and Russell with the controller. Steeljaw managed to free some of the prisoners but Scorponok, Crazybolt, Slicedice, and Scorponok's Mini-Cons were placed in stasis pods.

In Bumblebee's Night Off, after weeks of hunting for leads to find the new group of Decepticons, the team was in need of a break. Evidently, after they searched through a railyard for a cable, Springload stole the cable and escaped when Bumblebee accidentally shot Grimlock, though Grimlock remained undamaged. At the scrapyard, Strongarm turned down the opportunity to stake out a Rear Axle concert in favor of brushing up on her regulations, which she had gone over a question and answered it correctly. When Bisk turned up at the concert, Bumblebee called her, Denny, and Grimlock in as backup. Although they were held up by traffic, they heard about the concert from both Bumblebee and Russell.

In Impounded, Strongarm successfully captured Silverhound and covered for Grimlock after a mission almost turned into a disaster. Though she was opposed to it, Bumblebee decides to ban Grimlock on their missions. Later, Strongarm and Bumblebee ended up in an impound lot while trying to track Quillfire along with his Mini-Cons, and had to be rescued by Denny and Russell. In a second attempt to capture Quillfire, Fixit was there along with Grimlock who was in a disguise that Fixit setup for him and even hoaxed both Strongarm and Bumblebee. With Grimlock, Strongarm and Bumblebee had to incapacitate Quillfire's Mini-Cons with cunning solutions but Bumblebee and Strongarm ended up in a maintenance pit. They successfully captured Quillfire and his Mini-Cons with the aid of Grimlock.

In Portals, after an incident that nearly placed Strongarm (who was actually stuck under the turret) and Grimlock in danger with one of the scrapyard's turrets, Bumblebee was able to shut the turret down and get his friends out of danger. However, when Fixit's repairs to the GroundBridge brought Soundwave to Earth, Strongarm and Grimlock were soon knocked out by the Decepticon and his Mini-Con Laserbeak. Later, they recovered and were able to distract Laserbeak but they all ended up in one of Soundwave's portals. At the quarry, Strongarm and Grimlock were soon able to take out Laserbeak then went back to the scrpyard where Grimlock threw the Mini-Con back into the shadowzone after Soundwave was knocked in by Denny. Bumblebee was impressed at his team and they all reminded him they were following his plans.

In Decepticon Island (Part 1), after a chance encounter resulted in Ratchet joining the team and a failed interrogation with Clampdown, the Autobots got a lead to the location of the group of Decepticons from Toolbox. Strongarm had noticed the feud between Bumblebee and Optimus Prime as she advised Bumblebee to talk with Optimus. Later, the Autobots used a ruse to infiltrate the crashed Alchemor which the Decepticons were using as a base and although they were spotted as Strongarm was able to blast two guards, they were soon ambushed as Decepticons begin to come into the room.

In Decepticon Island (Part 2), when Windblade provided the team cover as the Autobots split up, Strongarm, Grimlock, and Sideswipe went to free the Mini-Cons who were being held captive by the Decepticons. They ended up in a communications room where they fought with Groundpounder and Thunderhoof. Thunderhoof was tossing Strongarm and Sideswipe around on the ground as he stomped on the ground. Strongarm was able to kick Sideswipe to the console where he incapacitated Thunderhoof and Groundpounder with a signal. After using the communications equipment to free the Mini-Cons, the trio escaped the ship before the cryo-gas bomb froze everyone aboard. Strongarm remains with Bee's team as they headed back to the scrapyard while Strongarm drove Russell, Denny, and Fixit.

Season 2 1/2

In History Lessons, Bumblebee took his team on a tour of interesting locations on Earth, culminating in them visiting the remains of Autobot Outpost Omega One, only to find a strange bomb had been set up to detonate. Strongarm was paired with Grimlock when the team split up to search, only to have to leave him to go find Bumblebee after he stepped on a mine. On the way, she spotted that the bomb's explosion was imminent, and ended up having to alert Bumblebee to that fact as well. The bomb's explosion was contained and Strongarm found Sideswipe unconscious as she woke him up. The team also got a laugh out of a video that Sideswipe found of Bumblebee who was in an exercise video.

In Strongarm´s Big Score, after a training exercise went awry, Strongarm was surprised to find she had the lowest of the PASERQuAT scores Fixit had prepared. She insisted on taking him on her next mission to improve her score, and as a result he accompanied her to Mount St. Hilary, where the pair found Scatterspike and Sawtooth engaged in a drilling operation that threatened to cause the volcano to erupt. After capturing Scatterspike in a fight that caused both of them to temporarily be stuck back to back magnetically as they spilled out into a nearby human settlement, Strongarm successfully prevented the volcano from exploding. Although Scatterspike and Sawtooth managed to escape, Fixit raised Strongarm's score by a point and a half which Strongarm seemed to be somewhat pleased with. In return, she prepared a score for him, but wouldn't tell him what it was.

In Pretzel Logic, Drift and Strongarm checked out the Great Wall of China as the searching of Cybertronian sites continued. When they later joined Grimlock after the Dinobot encountered Thermidor and Tricerashot, Strongarm joined in the pursuit, however her attempt to cooperate with Sideswipe ended up with them both crashing.

In Mighty Big Trouble, Team Bee retrieved a high energy pulse generator from Egypt, only to have to destroy it when it threatened to fry their brains. Following an invasion of the scrapyard by the Weaponizer Mini-Cons, the team lost both their own Mini-Cons and their leader, after they were abducted by Starscream which Optimus arrives after Bumblebee was taken.

In Mini-Con Madness, after they were joined by Optimus, the team split up to search for Starscream. Sideswipe and Strongarm stumbled on the Weaponizer Mini-Cons, and the initial hostilities were brought to an end when the Mini-Cons recognized the Prime. A short time later, they ran into the Scavengers, and during the fight, Strongarm linked with Sawtooth to great effect, until the Weaponizer Mini-Cons were captured by Starscream.

In Worthy, with the Scavengers defeated by the team, Strongarm and the rest of the team located Starscream's ship, and during the ensuing battle with the Decepticons, they were knocked out by Starscream. They eventually managed to defeat Starscream, despite him successfully merging with the Weaponizer Mini-Cons, by dragging him down into range of Fixit's signal so he could be de-merged. After fare-welling Optimus and the Mini-Cons, Team Bee split up to search more Cybertronian sites.

Season 3

In King of the Hill (Part 1), after a period of downtime, Strongarm and Sideswipe were sent to investigate a Decepticon signal. After attempting to capture Heatseeker themselves, Strongarm opted to call in the rest of the team when the Stunticon endangered a nuclear waste disposal site.

In King of the Hill (Part 2), the pair were assigned the task of getting a hermit to vacate the danger zone, which they accomplished before rejoining the rest of the team. An explosion resulted in the entire team being merged into one robot while unconscious and ultimately Heatseeker got away.

In Defrosted, the Autobots' next mission took them to Antarctica, where they had to recapture Crustacion after the Decepticon was freed from one of Windblade's caches. Strongarm and Sideswipe worked to rescue the humans at a base while the rest of the team caught the Con.

In Blurred, when a stricken plane endangered another cache, the team were joined by Rescue Bot Blurr, whose personality was a little too similar to Sideswipe's for Strongarm's linking. The team had to track down Ragebyte and ensure he didn't blow up Crown City Bridge. After the Decepticon was defeated, Strongarm was not too thrilled as she told Bumblebee that they have two Sideswipes on the team as Blurr serves as the intern.

In Sphere of Influence, Strongarm, along with the rest of the team, found herself unable to resist the Sphere of Doradus thanks to the energies it was giving off. The team were eventually able to resist its effects long enough to capture Springload.

In Bee Cool, she and Bumblebee went to retrieve a Decepticon Hunter from one of Windblade's caches, only to have to call in the rest of the team when they encountered Dragstrip and Wildbreak. In the end, the team saved the weapons but the stunticons escaped.

In The Great Divide, after a methane explosion occurred during an attempt to capture Dragstrip, the team found themselves merged into one robot. In the aftermath, they ended up with two Sideswipes, something Strongarm had had nightmares about, and she ended up having to work with them as the team retrieved the relic Dragstrip had stolen.

In Get a Clue, Strongarm drew on Dropforge's teachings in order to solve the mystery of some Decepticon burglaries, which led the Autobots to catch Boostwing. She wasn't quite satisfied with the resolution to the case, which led her and Russell to track down Boostwing's brothers, who had also been stealing things in Crown City which she managed to capture.

In Out of the Shadows, when Drift's old mentor Shadow Raker showed up on Earth, Strongarm and the team helped Drift recover his Mini-Con students after the Decepticon kidnapped them.

In Disordered Personalities, another of Fixit's combiner experiments led to the Autobots temporarily switching bodies. Strongarm was thrilled to be Bumblebee, and even more so when she was put in charge of the subsequent road race mission to defeat the Stunticons, though she found she had difficulty getting the rest of the team to follow her orders.

Physical Appearance

Strongarm is colored white and blue around her arms, body and legs. Gray around her face, black in other parts of her armor, and she has a golden plate across her forehead. She has a bulky body, plated armor bits around her chest and she has a very slim figure from her waist to her legs. She has a built in belt with weapons and cuffs around her waist. She has blue colored lips (likely to display her femininity) and an Autobot symbol on her chest. Strongarm had her Cybertronian vehicle mode that had no tires and different color scheme in some parts until she scanned and changed it for an Earth-based patrol vehicle that has some similar car color but with tires.

Personality and Traits

Strongarm respects and looks up to Bumblebee, much like Smokescreen worshiped Optimus Prime. She is fairly mature as she wouldn't tolerate Sideswipe's pranks and she acts responsible at times. However, she can be a bit hot-headed and immature much like a typical teenage human girl. She would laugh at humorous things, like Sideswipe's mischief ways, pranks, or jokes, only if it does not involve her. She also appears to pass on traits of Ultra Magnus. They both follow the rules, follow protocols (in some occasions), and try to use command styles on their teams.

In Collect 'Em All, Strongarm grew homesick on Earth and missed Cybertron as she used protocols constantly much to Sideswipe's annoyance and begin to have hives around her body. She was consulted by Bumblebee to which she revealed she was continuing her education by reading logs from Cybertron. Eventually, she broke protocols and revealed to Bumblebee that her team were like her ties to Cybertron, which she would not hesitate to write them up if they broke any rules.

In Adventures in Bumblebee-Sitting!, Strongarm made herself temporary team leader when Bumblebee was momentarily affected by toxin that impacted his maturity levels. Strongarm seemed to feel like she was in command for the first time but was relieved when Bumblebee was back to normal as she understands the burden of a leader.

In Even Robots Have Nightmares, Strongarm's fear is being on the wrong side of the law. In her dream, she was chased by the Kaon police force. She was cornered and revealed she was innocent since she would never commit a crime, even when she was placed in cuffs and charged with crimes. She was forced to dream this as she was trapped in a cocoon by Nightstrike.

She also cares deeply for her team as she shows it in various occasions. She tries everything in her will to aid and protect her teammates from any enemies that comes their way.

Strongarm appeared to have envious feelings, which was revealed in The Buzz on Windblade. Strongarm was antagonistic towards Windblade and her new friendship with Sideswipe. Strongarm even referred to her as "Windbag" to Sideswipe but Sideswipe believed she was awesome to which Strongarm folded her arms. She appeared jealous though she was able to reconcile with Windblade and made friends with her.

She plays by the book, to the point of being annoying towards her teammates, constantly quoting rules and regulations. She also has great fascination with humans and has always wanted to visit the Earth, which came true much to her own excitement. Strongarm always hoped that if she played by the rules, she would one day be promoted to a higher ranking level in command.




Im Bee and she's Strongarm

Bumblebee and Strongarm were partnered together on Cybertron for street patrol and eventually caught up with Sideswipe. The trio went to the Cybertron History Museum where they used a Groundbridge there to go to Earth. Bumblebee and Strongarm met with Fixit who informed them about the Alchemor crashing and releasing all of its prisoners. When Grimlock was fighting Underbite, Strongarm told Bee that she was going to get the human clear. Bumblebee told Strongarm to scan for an Earth-based vehicle mode when the team was preparing to hunt down Underbite. Bumblebee and Strongarm used their new weapons against Underbite but their weapons quickly became dysfunctional. Strongarm went by Bee's side to block the bridge that leads to Crown City. When Underbite was placed in a stasis pod, Bumblebee places Grimlock on probation, despite Strongarm wanting to follow protocol. In Trust Exercises, Bee stopped Sideswipe and Strongarm from fighting and told them that trust exercises were important. Later on, when Sideswipe and Strongarm informed Bee about Steeljaw, which Bee complimented on their teamwork. In More than Meets the Eye, Bumblebee checked on Strongarm after she was punched by Chop Shop who was using Fixit as his replacement arm. In Collect 'Em All, Bumblebee checked in on Strongarm and gave her some advice on being on Earth. After Filch was captured, Bumblebee complimented Strongarm for breaking protocol for a good reason. In True Colors, Bumblebee, Strongarm and Sideswipe were harmlessly fighting each other to get Minitron. In Rumble in the Jungle, Bumblebee follows Strongarm despite it was her first solo mission. When Strongarm expressed her concern in him not trusting her, Bee agreed to let her leave on her mission. However, Strongarm finds that Bumblebee was following her again, only this time he wants to be as an observer. On the pursuit of Springload, Strongarm's left hand was burned when she touched Springload's shoulder. Bee examined her hand and they both escaped from the collapsing room. When Strongarm told him that she lied to Fixit about capturing the Decepticon so that the team doesn't have to come, Bumblebee was disappointed that Strongarm lied. However, Strongarm made up for it by imitating a ghost voice so that Springload could fall for it. This allowed Bumblebee to sneak up behind Springload and knock him into a casket. Bumblebee places his hand on Strongarm's shoulder and praised Strongarm that she did well on her first solo mission. In the ending of Battlegrounds, Part 2, Strongarm decides to stay on Bumblebee's team. In Overloaded, Part 2, Strongarm promises to make Bumblebee proud by working with her team to capture Decepticons.

Bumblebee respects and cares for Strongarm. While he feels she is too inexperienced, Bumblebee helps Strongarm whenever she is impaired. Bumblebee also acts like a role model and an adult figure to Strongarm.


Tumblr nk7j2mWmUv1u7lq03o1 400

Love at first fight

Strongarm was eager to catch Sideswipe and place him in cuffs in Pilot (Part 1). Strongarm managed to capture Sideswipe and Sideswipe was forced to follow her and Bumblebee to Earth. In Pilot (Part 2), Strongarm ordered Sideswipe (under the assumption that she was his superior) to move some equipment around and Sideswipe refused.

In Trust Exercises, Sideswipe and Strongarm both failed to catch each other in their trust exercise test. The pair began to fight until Bumblebee broke it up. When they were paired to capture decepticons, Sideswipe ditched Strongarm and told her that he will comm her if he needed something. When Strongarm was captured by Steeljaw, Sideswipe and Russell rescued her. Back at base, Bumblebee complimented their teamwork and Sideswipe felt unappreciated when Strongarm thanked Russell and not him. Strongarm caught Sideswipe when he slipped on some mud.
Trust Exercises Strongarm catches Sideswipe

Shipping material right here I'd say.

She thanked him and told him to not get cocky. In W.W.O.D.?, Sideswipe gave Strongarm a wet willy in one of her audio receptors and Strongarm tackled him to the ground until Bee broke it up.

In As the Kospego Commands!, Strongarm was shocked and pointed on Sideswipe when Bee ordered her to carry Grimlock back to base instead of telling Sideswipe, since he left Grimlock alone to get attacked by Thunderhoof.

In Collect 'Em All, Sideswipe notes that Strongarm has been hitting the rule book too hard while Strongarm needed some space. In the end, Strongarm was telling Bumblebee about realizing that Bee, Grimlock, Fixit and even Sideswipe are her ties to Cybertron more than any rule book.

In Can You Dig It?, Strongarm teased Sideswipe about finding a role model like Jazz.

In Hunting Season, Sideswipe seemed to be offensive for Strongarm when Drift gave negative feedbacks to Bee's team.

In Out of Focus, Sideswipe and Strongarm continued their fighting until they worked together to bring down the Skunkticons.

In Sideways, Sideswipe found Strongarm sneaking back into the base and offered to keep her secret if she did anything he would think of. In the end, Strongarm stood for herself until Bumblebee told them that he knew Strongarm was sneaking out and Bee places Sideswipe on extra patrol shifts.

In Even Robots Have Nightmares, Strongarm revealed Sideswipe's fear of shivering in light traffic.

In Some Body, Any Body, Strongarm revealed that she finds Sideswipe's laugh to be incredibly annoying. Strongarm was alarmed to see Sideswipe's head in a container and carried Sideswipe. She caught Sideswipe when Grimlock passed the jar to her during the fight with Vertebreak who was using Sideswipe's body. After Fixit repaired Sideswipe's head to his body, Sideswipe whispers to himself about Strongarm. Strongarm hears and gets closer to Sideswipe to ask what he said. Sideswipe revealed it was a prank and soon she challenged him to a race back to the scrapyard, where Sideswipe automatically lost when he could not transform.

In Deep Trouble, Sideswipe and Strongarm crossed the finish line in a training exercise in the scrapyard. The pair argued over who won first and even on a mission to capture Octopunch under the sea that Sideswipe mentions that he won the race. Strongarm disagreed and followed Sideswipe as he led the team away from getting blasted by the ship that Octopunch was controlling. Sideswipe gets complimented by Bee and then tells Strongarm that she deserves to eat a nice bowl of "I told you so".

In The Champ, Sideswipe and Strongarm helped each other in carrying a large stasis pod until they were both knocked down by a loose pod.

In The Buzz on Windblade, Strongarm seemed very envious towards Windblade, even with Sideswipe appealing to her. When she referred to Windblade as "Windbag" to Sideswipe, Sideswipe had appealed more to Windblade than before by calling her awesome, which Strongarm folded her arms in an envious pout. However, when Strongarm and Windblade reconciled in the end, Sideswipe had complimented Strongarm on her plan in taking down Zizza, which left Strongarm to be curious if she just heard a genuine compliment from him.

In Ghosts and Impostors, Sideswipe stated and questioned to Strongarm that he looks good when Pseudo, who had physically transformed himself to look like Sideswipe, was doing some of Sideswipe's quick moving abilities. Strongarm looked irritated and pushed Sideswipe to the side.

In Battlegrounds, Part 1, Strongarm tagged Sideswipe to the ground in their training exercise. Strongarm tried to give Sideswipe some advice on his running and tried to help him up but he rejected her offer then he tagged her back before running in anger.

In Battlegrounds, Part 2, when the team decided to remain on Bumblebee's team, Sideswipe and Strongarm reconciled as Sideswipe stated "someone needs to keep Strongarm in line" in a playful and friendship manner.

In Metal Meltdown, Strongarm somewhat misses working with Sideswipe since they were split into different teams.

In Decepticon Island (Part 2), Sideswipe and Strongarm seem to have settled their past differences through their interaction in a well trusted and caring friendship.

Sideswipe and Strongarm pick fights and argue with one another at times like children (much to Bumblebee's chagrin). While Sideswipe would not agree with Strongarm on most things in a situation, he would often follow along or help however he could. Sideswipe, at least for the most part, does respect and care about Strongarm. It remains unknown if he has secret feelings for her as well. He remains as Strongarm's close comrade and teammate.


Fixit met up with Strongarm in Pilot (Part 1) where he informed her and Bee about the escaped criminals from the Alchemor. Strongarm questioned him about how many Decepticons escaped and he stated it was about a couple of hundred. In More than Meets the Eye, Strongarm drove Fixit, who was in disguise, and Denny Clay to stop Chop Shop. Strongarm was impressed at Fixit for taking down Chop Shop. In Suspended, Fixit took part in helping Strongarm not feel demoralized after she made a mistake in the field and even though their attempts to make her feel better did not go well, she eventually got back in action much to Fixit and everyone's thrills.

Strongarm cares and respects Fixit as a friend and teammate, which Fixit does the same for her as well.

Russell Clay

Tumblr inline nkof00MJwP1rvao9u

*Poke* *Poke*

Strongarm met Russell in Pilot (Part 1) where Russell was riding inside Sideswipe until they met up with Bumblebee and Strongarm. Strongarm was interested in seeing her first human as she began to gently poke Russell's face. In Pilot (Part 2), Strongarm chased after Russell through the scrapyard to get him clear of Grimlock and Underbite's fight. In Trust Exercises, Strongarm was captured by Steeljaw and quietly told Russell to get out as he tried to rescue her while Sideswipe distracted Steeljaw. When the trio returned to base, Strongarm thanked Russell for saving her spark.

In True Colors, when she is about to fight a Minitron controlled Grimlock, Strongarm orders Fixit to get Russell inside the command center.

In Adventures in Bumblebee-Sitting!, Strongarm reassures Russell, telling him that Bumblebee will be okay.

In Even Robots Have Nightmares, Strongarm, Grimlock and Sideswipe are bemused by the fact that Russell cannot be scared, and pull a prank on him in an attempt to scare him to no avail.

In Battlegrounds, Part 2, Strongarm is impressed with Russell, and how he and Denny managed to defeat Fracture and his Mini-Cons.

Russell and Strongarm rarely interact. However, they both care, respect and protect each other as friends.

Denny Clay

"Are you alright human Denny?"
―Strongarm to Denny.[src]
Strongarm and Denny rarely interact. Strongarm met Denny in Pilot (Part 2) where she asked him if he was okay and referred to him as "human Denny." Strongarm would sometimes destroy some things in the scrapyard that would shock Denny. However, he does scold her in doing so but rather grieves over it.

In Suspended, while Strongarm did unintentionally destroy some of Denny's gnomes, he noticed her distress after she made a mistake in the field. He advises and helps Bumblebee in encourage Strongarm from being demoralized. Eventually after Strongarm was left to help humans escape from a forest fire, Denny and Fixit was thrilled that she was willing to do so.

Denny respects and cares for Strongarm. In return, Strongarm protects and cares for Denny like she does with Russell and the rest of her team.


Strongarm & Grimlock

Strongarm was initially extremely distrustful of Grimlock, due to his history of being a prisoner. They seemed to get along well in missions and as teammates. There relationship was almost severed completely in True Colors, when Grimlock attacks her, Bumblebee, and Sideswipe, which made Strongarm felt betrayed for falling for the "innocent T-rex routine". When Strongarm discovered that he was actually being controlled by Minitron, she apologizes for her antagonistic behavior to him, which Grimlock understands and says she was only doing her job. In Can You Dig It?, Grimlock caught Strongarm as she fell back in the hole that the Autobots were trapped in. In Metal Meltdown, Grimlock and Strongarm began training together though Grimlock ended up destroying the training course Strongarm had placed for them. She was rather unhappy to not work on the same level of teamwork as she did with Sideswipe even when during the Autobot's first attempt to capture Saberhorn. However, Grimlock and Strongarm were able to work together saving Bumblebee and Russell. Grimlock had thrown Saberhorn through a wall which allowed him to escape although Strongarm stated to Grimlock that he shouldn't worry as she made mistakes with Sideswipe and promised that they will capture Saberhorn. In Brainpower, Grimlock felt useless when he thought about Bumblebee and Strongarm excluding him from strategic plans. However, after he helped capture Simacore and his Mini-Cons, Strongarm praised Grimlock. Grimlock respects, cares, protects, and looks up to Strongarm as a teammate and friend.

Their friendship is very similar to Bulkhead and Arcee's friendship.

Optimus Prime

Strongarm is shown to have a high respect for Optimus. She is enraged when Sideswipe creates skid marks around the statue of Optimus. In Pilot (Part 2), when Optimus made an appearance to Bee and his team, Strongarm stood respectively before him and bowed to him.


In Hunting Season, Drift was appalled at Bumblebee's team including Strongarm who he felt was an inexperience officer. When Drift was about to leave, Strongarm asked if he was going to collect the bounty on Bumblebee which she seemed to not allow it. Drift did not collect the bounty on Bumblebee and left Earth with his mini-cons. In One of Our Mini-Cons Is Missing, Strongarm seemed to welcome both Drift and his mini-cons back to Earth and as their new team members. In Lockout, Strongarm backed up Drift with the other Autobots when Drift was facing Fracture one to one. Drift respects Strongarm and seems to be like another adult figure to her.

Slipstream and Jetstorm

While they barely interact, both Slipstream and Jetstorm seem to look up to Strongarm as a role model and friend, since they are both younger than her.


In The Buzz on Windblade, at first Strongarm was not impressed by Windblade's sudden appearance, being nicknamed Skepti-bot and even questioned her on her motives, to which Windblade responded by stating Primus sent her to Earth. Strongarm seemed to be envious towards Windblade through their mission to bring in Zizza and prevent her human slaves from hurting themselves or other non-controlled humans. Strongarm also seemed to be envious in Windblade and Sideswipe's sudden friendship. When Zizza threatened to kill two of her human slaves, Strongarm prevented Windblade from attacking Zizza by tripping her and later explained to Windblade that they need to save all human lives. Eventually, Strongarm was backed up by Windblade and Sideswipe in bringing down Zizza. Before Windblade left the base, she reconciled with Strongarm and informed her that she was right about no other alternative in saving those humans. Windblade and Strongarm shake each other's hands as a sign of new trust, respect, care, and friendship growing between them. In Battlegrounds, Part 1, Windblade asked Strongarm if she was okay after they and Sideswipe were captured by Steeljaw's pack, which Strongarm responded by stating "other than the constant ringing in my audio sensors, I'm fine." In Battlegrounds, Part 2, Strongarm and Windblade complimented Russell, Denny, and Fixit for "taking down" Fracture. In Decepticon Island (Part 1), Windblade reveals to Strongarm that she was thinking of combat moves they could work on together.



Underbite is one of Strongarm's enemies. In Pilot (Part 2), Strongarm was chased with Bumblebee by Underbite through the scrapyard and backed up Bumblebee on a bridge that connected to Crown City in order to prevent Underbite from going to the city to devour its metal surroundings. In True Colors, Strongarm was displeased that Steeljaw managed to get Minitron to control Grimlock to steal Underbite's stasis pod and free Underbite from it to add to Steeljaw's gang. In Lockout, Strongarm used her Decepticon hunter to hit Underbite in the stomach before he could consume metal, which he was swiftly taken down. In Battlegrounds, Part 1, Underbite chased Strongarm through the woods into a trap that was set by Fracture's mini-cons.


Strongarm seems to have a deep dislike towards Steeljaw and he remains one of her top enemies. In Trust Exercises, Steeljaw attempted to trick Strongarm into believing he was an a guard aboard the Achlemor but Strongarm saw through him and was taken down by him as she was chained up by him. Steeljaw tried to convince Strongarm he only wanted to live in peace with other Decepticons who feel the same way. He also tried to get her to reveal where the scrapyard was but Strongarm asked if it was a trick, to which the sudden appearance of a Decepticon named "Grimbee" cuts their conversation. Sideswipe had to engage Steeljaw as Russell attempted to unchain Strongarm from her restraints but failed as Steeljaw heard him but he walked away before Steeljaw could get him. Sideswipe and Steeljaw engage each other and Sideswipe soon led Steeljaw to Strongarm who promptly kicks him into a tree unconscious. When Strongarm saved Russell from the collapsing that Steeljaw was knocked into, Steeljaw escaped in the process. In Misdirection, after Steeljaw managed to free some of the Decepticon prisoners, Strongarm came to the scrapyard and faced Steeljaw in a little scuffle which she ended up saving Russell, Fixit, and Denny from being crushed in Steeljaw's force field but could not prevent Steeljaw from escaping.

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  • Strongarm is a "by the book" kind of Autobot, which was Ultra Magnus' role in Team Prime.
  • She apparently has a near admiration for Bumblebee, due to his hero status in the Great War, similar to Smokescreen's admiration for Optimus Prime. She also has an admiration for Optimus Prime as well.
  • She appears to be the deuteragonist of the series.
  • Similar to Bulkhead, she is the only member of the team who is not adapted from a Generation 1 character, and is the second one after Bulkhead who was introduced in Energon animated series.


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