"When the bravado's blown over, he's got it where it counts."

Swagger is an Autobot martial artist featured in the game Transformers: Universe.


Swagger is nothing to scrap with. After his teacher left him, Swagger was forced to learn a mixed martial art style involving technology and mastery of the blade. He struggles to fight as a disciplined warrior due to the attitude that gave him his name. When directed by the right officers, Swagger lives up to his stealthy samurai training.

History Edit

Transformers: Universe Edit

Swagger was among the Autobots who were on board the Arclight when it was shot down over Central City. He survived the crash and proceeded to take part in a series of battles against the Decepticons who had come to Earth aboard the Leviathan.

Notes Edit

  • His in-game weapons include the Polaris Pulse Blaster, Bushido Beam Gun, and Dynasty Katanas. His vehicular mode is a motorcycle that fires dumbfire rockets.
  • His in-game abilities are:
    • Shield Surge — overloads his shield to create a localized electrical strike, damaging nearby foes.
    • Virus Maximizer — increases weapon damage of Swagger and his nearby allies.
    • Emission Shroud — cloaks Swagger, increases his movement speed, regenerates his shield, and boosts his weapons' S-tech.
  • His subsystem passive is "Cold Reboot", which reboots his Emission Shroud after destroying an enemy.
  • He was apparently leaked after a couple of users on the Transformers Universe forums began tweaking around with the generic web address for all the model images for Autobot and Decepticon Warriors.[1][2]
    • Swagger was the first of the second wave of Warriors to be revealed, officially or otherwise.
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