• I know he's techinally still alive, but, how is he not a terrorcon? We all saw what happened, right?

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    • Those Terrorcons were risen by Dark Energon and Unicron - they were only fossils and were not bitten like the Vehicons were by CYLAS Breakdown.

      It seems that there are 2 types of Terrorcons, ones that are offline and have been revived by Dark Energon like The Predacons in TFP Predacons Rising and the other type which have been bitten/scratched by the proboscis of a Terrorcon which has been infected by the virus which  was created by Knockout and Starscream in Thirst.

      Shockwave seemed to be bitten and scratched and was nearly killed by them but that wouldn't have turned him into a Terrorcon because as I have already stated they were only revived by Dark Energon and not infected by the virus.

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