The Transformers: Prime Wikia was set up with the goal of becoming a reliable, open content, encyclopedic resource pertaining to information on all aspects of the Aligned Continuity in the Transformers franchise that anyone can access, edit or add to. The name of this wiki was derived from the most popular and recognizable show in the continuity - Transformers: Prime.


  • Started: January 16, 2011
  • Primary language: English
  • Other languages: Spanish, Russian, Polish
  • Interwiki link: w:c:transformersprime:
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We strive to maintain a high degree of originality and quality in all our articles, and have established several policies and a Manual of Style, both of which should be utilized across all articles.

This wiki contains:

  • Comprehensive descriptions on characters, objects, locations, and media in the Aligned Continuity.
  • Images and videos of characters, objects, locations, and media in the Aligned Continuity.
  • Information on real-life people associated with the Aligned Continuity.

This wiki does not contain:

  • Information on characters, objects and concepts who aren't affiliated with the Aligned Continuity.
  • Fan-made material (Fanon).

Why we are not apart of Teletraan-1 Wiki

"Why don't you guys merge with Teletraan-1 Wiki?" is a question we frequently get asked. The answer: uniqueness. The Aligned Continuity is niche topic of the Transformers franchise and we want to include as much information on it as possible. We cover extensive and comprehensive detail on the Aligned Continuity that Teletraan-1 Wiki does not. For more information, please visit Help:Duplicate communities.

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