This page is considered an official policy on Transformers: Prime Wiki. Based on consensus, it has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that everyone should follow. Please make use of the policy discussion page to propose changes to this policy.

Like other wikia, Transformers: Prime Wiki has a set of regulations and guidelines that you need to follow. Failure to follow these policies will result in several warnings, followed by a block.



Transformers: Prime wiki focuses exclusively on the Aligned Continuity Family, and tries to keep it in the best chronological order. Adding content un-related to the Aligned Continuity is considered vandalism, and there will be harsh consequences for those who write said content.

Intimidating Behavior/Harassment

Intimidating behavior is strictly forbidden on the wiki, and will not be tolerated.

Inserting False Information

Inserting false information that has not been officially confirmed is not allowed, and will be removed immediately.


Fanfiction is only allowed on user blogs, and will immediately be removed if on an article.


Insulting is strictly forbidden, and a user caught insulting will be banned immediately. Swearing however, is permitted as long as it is kept in moderation and isn't directed towards another user.

Content Removal

If you remove a lot or all of the content on a page with no reasoning to it, your edit will be reverted and you will be banned.


Do not remove warnings on your talk pages by admins. Continuing to do so will result in a ban.


Making several accounts and trying to dodge bans by doing that is against Wiki policy. There's no warnings.

Nonsensical Blogs

Nonsensical blog posts, featuring spam and nonsense will be deleted. Continuing to do so will result in a ban.


Adding in categories that staff members or admins say is unnecessary repeatedly will result in a warning and eventual ban.

New Pages

New pages, with nonsense, unrelated content and spam will be deleted. Continuing to do so will result in a ban.

Moving Pages

Moving pages to nonsensical and unrelated names will be reverted. Continuing to do so will result in a ban.


Any form of spoilers will be limited, meaning some spoilers will be considered to stay but only with warnings of said spoilers will be in place until the spoiler or spoilers are confirmed or the episode they come from airs in the U.S.. However, spoilers that are long and placed on pages, then it will be deleted until further confirmation is given, like if the episode of the spoiler is aired in the U.S. at its airdate. Adding any additional spoilers will be removed and continuing to do so will result in a warning then possible ban if it gets beyond that point.

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