Staff Members are users who possess special rights and have access to a few additional technical functions and tools which allow them to perform maintenance tasks and revert vandalism with greater ease. They are mostly regular content editors and contributors who are considered to be trustworthy and responsible. They are elected through requests on the user rights system. 

Staff Positions

Founder.svg Bureaucrats

Also known as head-administrators, Bureaucrats have full power and are the highest tier of Wiki users. They can both grant and remove almost all available rights.

Community_Administrator.svg Administrators

Administrators are community leaders with the full range of control over the Wiki, being able to exercise the rights of those below (Content Mod and Discussions Mod) as well as edit MediaWiki & grant certain user rights.

ContentModerator.svg Content Moderators

Content Moderators are trusted users who have been granted Content Moderator & Discussion Moderator Rights. Content Moderator Rights allow a user to protect, unprotect, delete, & undelete pages, as well as move & edit already protected pages. Generally speaking, Content Mods have all available user-rights besides the ability to grant other rights or edit MediaWiki.

Moderator.svg Discussions Moderators

Trusted users who have been granted Discussion Moderator Rights, but not Content Moderator Rights. Discussion Moderator Rights allow a user to remove Message Wall posts, as well as close & reopen threads on Message Walls. With the addition of Discussions, they can moderate that as well by locking posts, moving them, or deleting them.

Staff Abilities

Bureaucrat abilities

Bureaucrats possess these distinctive abilities, along with ALL of the ones listed below.

  • The ability to grant and revoke rollback rights.
  • The ability to grant and revoke administrator status.
  • The ability to grant, but not revoke bureaucrat status.

Administrator abilities

  • Deleting and undeleting pages, page histories, and uploaded files.
  • Renaming pages and uploaded files
  • Locking (protecting) a page so it cannot be edited or renamed by users without admin rights or autoconfirmed status.
  • Blocking IP addresses or user names from editing;
  • Reverting undesirable edits very quickly through a "rollback" link.
  • Editing the MediaWiki interface to change system messages and skins.

Content Moderators abilities

  • Deleting and moving pages and files
  • Protecting and unprotecting pages
  • Undeleting pages and re-uploading files
  • Rollback

Discussions Moderators abilities

  • Delete article comments 
  • Change protection levels
  • Delete pages
  • Kicking users from Chat
  • Banning users from Chat

Staff List

Current Staff


Avatar Name Date promoted Status
Skyebreeze (talkcontribs) January 3, 2014 Active
Firefox20z (talkcontribs) March 15, 2014 Fully Active
Vozhan (talkcontribs) September 8, 2018 Fully Active
Combatbot2015 (talkcontribs) September 10, 2018 Fully Active

Former/Retired Staff

These users used to be Staff Members but either retired because of an occupied lifestyle or were removed due to prolonged inactivity.


Content Moderators

How do I become a Staff Member?

Please see Requests for Staff.

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