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Transformers Prime: Portal of Destruction is a Beast Hunters online game.

Story Edit

Predaking's destructive capabilities are tested out via a series of simulations, wherein he destroys human cities and the various military vehicles that attempt to stop him.

Featured characters Edit

Decepticons Edit

Others Edit

Enemy units Edit

  • Tanks
  • Helicopters
  • Jets

Power-ups Edit

  • Tanker trucks
  • Blimps
  • Hot dogs trucks

Other Edit

  • UFOs

Gameplay Edit

Transformers Prime: Portal of Destruction is a single-screen side-scroller where the player controls Predaking, using him to wreak havoc upon a human city. Your goal is to destroy all of the sky-scrappers on-screen, climbing onto them and smashing enough stories to compromise the building's structural integrity, and causing it to collapse onto itself. Additional points are also granted for destroying enemy units, who constantly pester Predaking with a variety of attacks. Tanks roll in and fire at Predaking from the ground, Helicopters hover overhead before swooping down and firing at Predaking from the air, and Jets drop large bombs onto him to cause significant damage to Predaking's health bar. Three more types of units occasionally appear, acting as "power-ups" when Predaking destroys them. Destroying a tanker truck upgrades Predaking's blaster into a "triple fire" spread shot, destroying a blimp causes all enemy units currently on-screen to be destroyed as well, and destroying hot dog trucks restores a portion of Predaking's health.

Predaking can also take to the air in his beast mode to wreak more havok with his fire-breath.

Video Edit

Portal of Destruction

Portal of Destruction

Notes Edit

  • In beast mode, If you fly too high to the sky, you can actually reach space and can spot a UFO. If you destroy it, you get 100000 points.
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