aka Gordon Brown

  • I live in Norwich Vermont
  • I was born on September 26
  • My occupation is Toa Nuva of Fire, Amateur Paleontologist, Amateur Historian, Amateur Zoologist, Avenger, Huntik Seeker, Superhero.
  • I am Male
Predalord Full Body

Predalord Full View



IMG 20141116 0004

Predalord again

Predalord second bust

Predalord with tail

My transformers universe i.d. is Predalaird or Predalord, a Predacon allied with the Autobots, and my Beast Mode is the same as Transformers Prime Predaking possibly with a tail in robot mode.

My thumbs are not orange, I'm red where Predaking is black, and my helmet is slightly different than Predaking's.

I have power to equal that of Predaking's but I can get stronger with anger or fear and I have a sense of honor and chivalry like Grimwing. I too find it disgraceful that my brethren dominate the weak, though I understand that we Predacons are predators and predators tend to attack the sick and weak. I vow to do anything to stop my brethren from conquering the world, although I would prefer not to eradicate them. I will gladly ally myself with the Autobots.

My team consists of Grimwing (possibly), Stormwing, a female silver Predacon of the same body type as Ripclaw but with a different face and Thunderclaw, a male blue and gold Predacon of the same body type as Grimwing and Darksteele.

I also have the power of a Prime, granted to me upon my birth in the Well of AllSparks.

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