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Hello there, I'm thunderhoof132

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According to a friend of his, he said that he wanted to work his way up the chain of staff but didn't have the patience to get admin, he wanted to adopt several other wikis for his own ways.  I support him in every way. He didn't really seem pleased when I asked him about the staff, I asked him about staff and he said he wanted to be owner just to ban people, and he was planning a takeover with several other of his friends sometime next week. He has taken down a few small websites, his friend doesn't support that.

Him and his friend have 2 years of experience of hacking and being sly, if you Ever need him he is on his user name is steeljaw354, just make an account and sign up and send him a pm if you do. Me and a few of his other friends in my group used this account as shared and collaborated on it, we were waiting for a perfect moment to strike, sometime after Christmas so this place would be inactive. I didn't care either way. He has also lost interest in the transformers show and moved on the sonic games.

Update: It was a scripted cover story that he and friend did in order to test my reaction and see if we care about the users and wiki.

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