I'm excited for the new show that will be coming up in 2014. Hopefully, some of the characters that I grew up with from the Unicron Trilogy will make an appearence, mainly Hot Shot. Not sure if it will happen, unlikely, but it would be nice to bring back the character.
Rodimus WFC concept art by mmatere
Hearing that Hot Shot is now the new Hot Rod/Rodimus, this makes it alot cooler and alot more story driven. With that said, it kind of makes it more likely that Hot Shot will make an appearence (though just slightly so). I am a big Hot Shot fan, as you can read, I remember buying the toy when I was little so seeing him in the new TF continuity would be cool for me. However, I have not seen him as often anymore than I used to.

Personally, I blame Michael Bay's film series, mainly because the movie caused Hot Shot to be scrapped in favor of Bumblebee (and now, everybody is doing it). This really pissed me off on that subject, because now Hot Shot is seriously "no more" as they say. Haven't really seen an appearence by him lately and I am afraid that is how Hasbro intends to keep it that way.

Like I said before, I am a fan of Hot Shot; a really big fan of Hot Shot. So, seeing him as the new Hot Rod feels somewhat cool yet not seeing him anymore in animation... or on a video game for that matter, it really bugs me. I can't even recreate him on the FoC multiplayer mode.

Hot Shot was awesome, he was so awesome that I actually thought Bumblebee (from the movie) was Hot Shot even though he didn't look exactly like Hot Shot. This was a time when I saw the trailer sometime right after I watched the final episode of Transformers: Cybertron.

Right now, I am wondering of the possibilities of Hot Shot making an appearence or become a main character in the new Transformers show coming out in 2014 coinciding with the new movie. Because of how I highly doubt the fourth TF movie will have Hot Shot appear, it also makes it less likely that Hot Shot will appear in the new Transformers show. But, one cannot give up on hope and hopefully, he will make an appearence.

What exactly are your thoughts on the subject. Would you like it if Hot Shot made an appearence or was a main character in the roster? Leave a response below in the comments.

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